I discussed in an earlier post about how many think you can’t talk about religion and politics because the discussion quickly gets heated, and personal. I still contend we can debate and disagree without hating each other.

So let’s talk politics. As far as affiliation goes, I’m a registered Republican. As for ideology, the older I get, the more Libertarian I get. Remember the 80s sitcom “Family Ties”? I was Alex Keaton – a budding conservative in a family of bleeding-heart liberals. I became a huge Reagan fan during his second term, and grew in my conservatism as time went on. Once I got to my late 30s, I started to buy into some of the Libertarian philosophies. If you hate war, go Libertarian; they believe in isolationism with no involvement with international conflict. I’m also warming up to the concept of legalization of all drugs, not just marijuana. You are currently able to destroy yourself with the drugs of nicotine and alcohol if you so choose. Why should the other drugs be treated differently? Most violent gangs are violent because they are fighting over drug trafficking territory. Legalize them and there’s little incentive to protect territory. You don’t see any Budweiser gangs fighting Miller gangs for territory, do you?

But the biggest aspect of Libertarianism that I am all in with is the Fair Tax. In case you didn’t know, taxing of income is immoral and also illegal. The US Constitution was specifically written in such a way so that the Federal government could not steal the people’s income. It wasn’t until the 16th amendment was passed that this illegal concept became legal. How did it get done? The politicians started a civil war among the American citizens, telling most people that only the super-rich would pay the income tax. The number and percentage of people paying and income thresholds of income tax have changed many times over the years, but the politicians have done a masterful job of keeping the civil war alive. They have pitted us against each other by income level. They have convinced us that everyone that makes more money than “me” is an evil demon that stole or exploited people to get it, and they must be punished, and everyone that makes less money than “me” is a deadbeat leech that wants to melt into the couch, crush Twinkies and steal “my” money. It’s a disgusting situation that we need to call them out on. The easiest way to do it is to return the Constitution to its original form – as far as taxation is concerned – and make income tax illegal again. You can find all the info you could ever need at http://fairtax.org/

If you think this is a rotten idea, that’s perfectly fine. I will hold fast to my belief that you can disagree with me and I will not consider you evil. No matter what your affiliation or ideology, you have to admit that the system we have isn’t working very well, and just trying the same stuff we’ve been doing for 200 years isn’t going to cut it. We have to try something new.

Feel free to sound off. Just don’t write me off as evil. 🙂