Every entrepreneur that you meet will tell you the same thing: the building and growing of businesses are not easy. Most entrepreneurs put in many long in order to save themselves the cost of hiring extra staff members and to ensure that tasks get completed before new ones get added.

Initially, working late nights might seem to be the answer, but you will soon realize that no one can cope with too little sleep and an added workload during the day as your business grows and demands on your time increase constantly.

Support is the best investment that you can make to your business and yourself and the hiring of a virtual assistant has 8 important benefits to you as an entrepreneur.

  1. Drive business growth by using the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA) – One-man shows are difficult to sustain, especially in business. Every type of business, but especially smaller ones can benefit from collaborations and a VA may be all that you need as tasks, ideas, and strategies are shared. This helps create a stronger business brand, culture, ethics, policies and, expectations. With the assistance of a VA, whom you feel comfortable with; your company will experience room for growth in income and productivity.
  2. Technology allows you to access the best VAs – Entrepreneurs around the world have taken advantage of the technology which allows them to scout for the best talents available to them, both locally, country-wide and internationally. The most important things to look for when seeking a VA include language barriers, time zone differences, cultural constraints and availability to connectivity.
  3. Savings to operational costs – Since all entrepreneurs are trying to keep costs down in these times of increased competition and smaller profits, the hiring of a full time, in-house employee, can often be prohibitively expensive. On the other hand, hiring a VA will save on the expense of needing extra office space and equipment, paying health benefits, vacation leave, insurance, employee tax, training, software etc. Virtual Assistants, since they work from their own space, carry all of the above expenses and only get paid according to the hours worked.
  4. More time available to spend elsewhere – Focus on business or take some time off to unwind and allow your VA to focus on the tasks that are time-consuming or need someone with the expertise to handle them. Email communications, calendar management, invoicing are easier tasks which no one ever finds time for during the day. Online marketing is an important aspect of business today. Many entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin, while others can’t find enough time to for it. This is where the VA with the right skills will be able to ensure that the online marketing campaign is run correctly with a social media strategy, relevant content creation, graphic design and much more.
  5. Which tasks to delegate? – Make a list of things that you need to assign to a VA. This will make it easier to find one that can provide these services while freeing time on your schedule. The list should include tasks that you have no experience in doing e.g. online marketing, accounting etc.,tasks that you don’t have time to do,and tasks that you shouldn’t be doing or that can be delegated
  6. Business hours have increased, but can you keep up? – Since most businesses have an online presence through online marketing and websites, every entrepreneur may need to respond to queries or orders from clients in other time-zones or countries. Queries may also come during business trips, personal holidays or official holidays. A Virtual Assistant will be able to stand in for you to respond.
  7. Save on training and software – Hiring a VA with experience that may be lacking among your existing staff members takes away the need for expensive in-house training or the purchase of software systems.
  8. Get the best quality service available – It is very difficult for freelancers to be recognized for what they are worth, and that is why Virtual Assistants offer high quality and value to their clients as they strive to offer the business their best as they honor their contract. Their income depends on delivering well-executed tasks and since they work from the quiet of their home they have fewer distractions, while they also save time from daily commutes to continue with tasks.

Ensure that you never have to spend late nights at the office trying to complete duties again.  Let a Virtual Assistant competently free more of your time to manage and grow your business effectively. Contact us and let’s see how using a VA can help you have a more successful business.