Even though most people believe that realtors make tons of money with very little effort, the truth is far from that. Successful real estate agents work very hard and put in long hours, often missing out on family events as they strive to meet the expectations of buyers and sellers, while also running the day-to-day workings of their business.

Most real estate agents keep their offices and teams small, but the demands of the trade are many – house showings, offers, keeping in touch with old and new clients, marketing and so much more. Hiring of a full-time assistant is not an option for most as they feel that the costs and risks outweigh the benefits; especially since their office hours can be unpredictable. The costs involved of keeping someone at odd hours would entail a lot of overtime pay.

Virtual assistants (VAs) that specialize in real estate business support have come in to fill a big gap in the market and they offer a wide range of real estate business tasks that help make the realtor’s life much easier.

 How a VA can lighten the work of a real estate agent:

 Administration support

  • Managing of calendar and email
  • Office supply ordering
  • Managing contact lists
  • Organizing in-house staff recruitment
  • Business card designing for team members
  • Conducting real estate business research for topics to be included into social media or websites
  • Handling of paperwork for the daily running of the business
  • Backing up important paperwork
  • Organizing the tasks and office procedures for in-house employees

 Marketing support

  • Social media account management
  • Updating and handling websites and blogs, while also creating fresh content
  • Keeping an eye on what the competitors are doing online
  • Looking for and reaching out to potential industry partners for marketing purposes
  • Keeping up to date with industry trends, news and updates
  • Handling the PR of the business by posting events and milestones
  • Creating email templates and maintaining the email marketing campaign through bulk sending
  • Overseeing the whole marketing campaign and ensuring its consistency across all the marketing channels

 Management of listings

  • Organizing client appointments or listings
  • Preparing the presentation of the listing for the clients
  • Data research for new listings and organizing of the information
  • Perusing of online public property records for verification of the names and deed types for properties
  • If software is used, ensuring that all data for properties is entered correctly
  • Updating all listing information according to any changes
  • Creating brochures for existing listings

 Client Support

  • Handling calls from clients about updates or inquiries
  • Responding to emails
  • Preparing brochures and other material for buyers’ seminars
  • Providing property information to interested buyers or renters and following up afterwards
  • Creating and conducting customer surveys
  • Sending out of newsletters
  • Getting referrals
  • Creating reports for clients who request them
  • Organizing greeting cards or gifts for important clients

 Planning of Events and Travel

  • Booking of transportation, accommodation and preparing the itinerary
  • Searching for and preparing a list of restaurants and other leisure activities
  • Booking conference venues and the equipment needed
  • Providing directions to locations
  • Managing emails and other tasks while the office is understaffed

 Schedule management

  • Organizing daily, weekly or monthly schedules
  • Coordinating appointments so that they suit the realtor and the clients
  • Creating reminders for events or tasks and keeping track of all appointments
  • Ensuring that important documents needed are on hand at meetings or events
  • Outlining a list of important points or questions for meetings or presentations
  • Assuring that no significant industry events are missed by keeping track of them
  • Scheduling other important meetings involving property sales and listings such as. inspections, staging and photographing
  • Keeping records for accounts receivables and payments

 The benefits of having a VA for every real estate agent:

  • Someone who is working remotely, yet able to provide more than just secretarial work, since most VAs have a wide range of professional skills.
  • VAs only charge for time worked and the expenses of running their office from home. These do not affect the real estate business.
  • The realtor can focus on the work at hand without having to worry about the daily running of the agency, resulting in an increased sales conversion.

The reduction of stress levels and a proven savings of more than 40% to the business is why every real estate agent needs a virtual assistant. 

Contact us and let’s discuss how your business can be more efficient with a virtual assistant.