Back in the 1980s, there was a very popular commercial where a group of elderly ladies were looking at a hamburger that was all bun and no meat. One of them repeatedly called out, “Where’s the beef?” There’s no value in a sandwich that’s just about all bread. If you’re going to pay for a burger or sandwich, you want it to satisfy you.

This thinking also applies to your business. If you are going to purchase something, it has to provide value. It can’t just be an expense, it has to be something that puts your business in a position to increase your revenue by more than it costs to make the investment. One such investment would be hiring a Virtual Assistant.

As you know, there are numerous administrative tasks as part of running a business – bookkeeping, writing documents, keeping up with expenses, perhaps booking travel for networking or educational events. There are also tasks that could help grow your business that are outside of your expertise – building and maintaining a website, social media, building an email list, or writing a blog. If you have too much to do, or these aren’t your favorite ways to spend time, a VA can handle these tasks while you do what you do best, and your business grows and thrives.

You may be thinking, “I can grow my business by hiring someone? Sounds backwards to me.” Let’s take a look. Let’s say your products & services bring in $125 per hour – meaning if you worked 40 hours in a week, your revenue for the week is $5,000. However, you spent 15 hours during the week tending to these other tasks, so you actually earned that $5,000 in 25 hours, so you are actually getting $200 per hour for the time you are actually earning revenue. If you hire a VA at $70 an hour to take care of these items, you will pay the VA $1,050. Now you are free to spend those other 15 hours on your business offerings. At the $200 per hour you have been earning, you can earn $8,000 in 40 hours, which is still $6,950 after you pay your VA. You also have the option of working fewer hours. If you are content with the $5,000 in revenue, you just work 34.75 hours to make $6,950 (your $5,000 in net revenue plus the $1,125 to pay the VA). You can make more money, work less, or a combination of both.

As you can see, a VA can add considerable beef to your business. You can use a VA can take care of your essential administrative tasks so you can deliver even more outstanding results to your customers and clients. This is the place to make that happen. Click here to see what services you can hand off, and Contact us to see how we can partner to make great things happen for your business.