I stole that post title from comedian Sinbad, who used it in his 2010 show after a long absence from the spotlight. I loved his intro: “You’ve been wondering where Sinbad’s been. Some of you thought I was dead. I know you did because you tweeted and texted it and didn’t ask nobody!”

It’s been a while.

Regulars will recall that I have one ongoing freelance writing project, writing 30 website articles for a client. Something went horribly wrong in the first quarter of the year. The very short version is I had to re-write everything for those months – in addition to continuing with current articles. It took forever, but I finally got it done. I submitted the May content last week and proposed subjects for June. I’ve already got those outlines done and now just need to finish the content. So now I can get back to my regular routine.

I have plenty to say about the events of the last few days It has been extremely upsetting. My main coping mechanisms have been humor, Bible study, NASCAR, and the occasionally spiked lemonade.

More to come. I’m glad to be back!