The last week has been quite the journey. You know how things tend to happen in threes? Well, here’s a real threesome for you. Fortunately, I did not let any bad thing get the best of me. 

Donation Difficulty

As I’ve written before, I donate plasma twice a week to supplement my income, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. My donation on November 8 was tough; the phlebotomist couldn’t get a clean stick when my vein rolled, and I ended up with a pretty big bruise over the weekend. So I knew I couldn’t donate last Tuesday. By Thursday afternoon, I estimated that the bruise had healed enough that I could go in on Friday. But I didn’t make it Friday, because…

Somebody Get That Knife Out Of My Back

I’ve had on-and-off lower back pain for a number of years. It usually flares up if I happen to fall asleep on my back rather than my side. I guess I slept on my back Wednesday night because there was some back pain during the day Thursday. Then, while I was making dinner, I felt a pinch or tweak or something in that area. By the time dinner was over, I was in such pain that I couldn’t handle any position besides laying flat on my stomach. (Yes, this did make carrying my wife to the bathroom VERY interesting, for both of us.) I spent Friday pretty much immobile. There was pretty intense pain in my lower back, as well as my right hip, thigh and knee. I wondered if I had pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve. The answer to that question was most likely “yes.”

I did manage to get the wife taken care of without destroying either one of us. Late in the evening, the pain began to subside a bit.

We Both Know That Ain’t Yours, Dude

Saturday morning, I had recovered enough to go do the weekly grocery shopping. We use Walmart for the cheap prices. We have a Neighborhood Market and a traditional Supercenter on a nearby bus route. I went to the Supercenter this time, because that’s the one place that carries the particular liquid vitamins AnJanette prefers. I found them, placed them in the cart next to my phone, and headed toward the grocery section.

A few seconds later, I looked down and my phone wasn’t there. I turned around and headed back to the vitamin aisle. As I approached, there was a guy in one of those electric carts – if I may be brutally candid, the guy was an ideal candidate for the “My 600-Pound Life” TV show – and he was fiddling with a phone. As I got near, he tried to slide it into his pocket without anyone noticing. I knew that was my phone, but I’d never be able to prove it without him relinquishing it. And the way he slid it into his pocket, there was no way that was going to happen.

OK, fine, I thought. You have fun with your new, free phone. It will be nothing more than a paperweight in 2 hours.

As soon as I got home, I reported my phone as stolen and asked for a replacement. “Why certainly,” the rep for the insurance company said. “You should receive it on Monday. It will only cost you a $250 deductible.” Uh, OK. A deductible that high makes the $30 premium I pay every month kinda useless, but whatever you say…

Ongoing Recovery

I’m certainly not the only one that gets their phone taken. It’s estimated that 70 million devices are stolen each year, with only 4.9 million, or 7%, get recovered.

Things slowly improved for my back the rest of the weekend. My back is completely pain-free, but the right hip, thigh and knee still have pain. I donated plasma this morning with no complications (I’m going to use Mondays and Thursdays as my donation days going forward). It’s chilly, damp and drizzly in Charlotte today, but I’m not down like some people get in this type of weather. I’m also not all that upset about the phone and accompanying surprise expense. I still believe God is going to deliver so that such things don’t negatively impact the bottom line.

It’s the holiday season, so I’ll seek out cheer – as well as any opportunity to help business with their content writing needs. So go ahead and do the contact us thing.