We’ve arrived at what is, for many people, the best time of the year – summertime. Kids love it because school’s out. Most people like warm weather more than cold weather. People and families go on vacation. Everybody’s happy, right?


Not me. I despise summer.

I am very philosophical about weather – when you’re too cold, you can throw another layer on. When you’re too hot, you can only take off so much without breaking the law, or in my case, violating a few health codes.

My friend and coach, Regina Lewis, tweeted this past Saturday, “It’s June – what is your favorite thing about this month?” My response was, “the last day of it. Summer weather is miserable for polar bears like me.”

I consider myself a polar bear. Look at me in the picture below.

I have all this white fur and blubber (I have less blubber than before my weight loss surgery, but I still have some). I was born in February. So yes, I consider myself a polar bear.

Have you seen this meme going around social media? When I saw it last summer, I showed it to my wife. “If you ever suspect I’m cheating on you,” I said, “this is the way it would go.”

I have another reason to not be a big proponent of summer. This is the slow season for Virtual Assistants. Small business owners often slow down this time of year, as they are trying to get some time away and deal with out-of-school kids like everyone else. Business doesn’t stop, of course, but if people are going to take a break, this is the time they do so.

So I am here, near to my beloved air conditioning vent, working away. How about you? Is this your favorite time of year? Why or why not?