We missed the worst Mayhem. With the Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs win in the Cocktail Bowl, we avoided the absolute worst chaos in the SEC East. Right now it’s the Dawgs and Briers at the top of the standings with the Lizards one game behind. The Dawgs & Briers square off this week. If UGA wins, there’s almost no way they don’t win the division outright. A win by UK leaves them 1 game up on both of the others with a head-to-head win over both of them, essentially clinching the division even if they manage to lose to Tennessee. Had Florida won Saturday, it would have been them and Kentucky on top with UGA one game back. A UGA win over Kentucky would have left them all tied, with all of them having gone 1-1 against each other. Wouldn’t that have been fun?????
But if you think that’s bad, what about the Pac 12? Washington State is now the only team in the conference with only 1 loss, and Utah is the only one with only 2 losses. Imagine WSU losing the Apple Cup to Washington and Utah losing the conference title game – or even this week to upstart Arizona State.
Speaking of Washington, I think we now know that the opening game in Atlanta was the most overrated game between the 2 most overrated teams in at least 100 years.
Beware of local bias. Everyone likes a good David vs Goliath story. Appalachian State was the David for this year, then they went and got their doors blown off by Georgia Southern. So once again, the “other” Mountaineers will be spending bowl season in Mobile or the garbage dump stadium in Birmingham or some other low-profile spot. Us NC residents obviously got a little too hyped up.
Power Rankings
1.    ‘Bama – Move on. Nothing to see here.
2.    Clempson – Should buy Syracuse some Christmas presents for the wake-up call they gave them.
3.    Notre Dame – See #1 above.
4.    LSU – Rumor has it some high-profile team is visiting this week.
5.    Michigan – That big “O-for” against Ohio State still looms.
6.    Oklahoma – The Texas egg in Stillwater makes it easier for OU to win the conference.
7.    Georgia – Nice bounce-back over the Lizards.
8.    UCF – Probably need ‘Bama, LSU, Clempson and Michigan to ALL lose to get into the playoff.
9.    Ohio State – Have to stay focused until the Michigan game.
10.Kentucky – Can they take down the Dawgs after stealing a win last week?
11.Washington State – Can they stay focused and close out the division without a loss?
12.West Virginia – Oklahoma is a must-win if they want a major bowl bid.
13.Florida – Still a successful season even without a division title.
14.Penn State – Oh, what might have been if they had been able to close the Ohio State game.
15.Utah – Remember when everyone predicted a Utah-Washington State Pac 12 title game? Me neither.
16.Texas – WTH was that? I thought only Iowa State did that to the best Little 10 teams.
17.Houston – A matchup with UCF in the conference title game would be quite juicy.
18.Misipi State – Back from the dead. Again.
19.Syracuse – Welcome to Syracuse, a football school!
20.Virginia – Ref called them “Virginia Tech” during a call last week. Crowd went ape with anger. Hilarious!
21.Boston College – See #18 above.
22.Utah State – Imagine the state of Utah with 3 good teams. Only BYU didn’t carry their weight.
23.Iowa – Tough loss at Penn State. Will still end up in a good bowl game.
24.Fresno State – Remember when everyone predicted these guys and Utah State would rule the Mountain West? Me neither.
25.Texas A&M – Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob still made a shrewd move getting out of Tallahassee.
Next 5: Northwestern, Michigan State, Washington, Georgia Southern, UAB
Worst 5: Rice, San Jose State, Central Michigan, UConn, UTEP