Upset Apple Cart – After a week where 4 top 10 teams got beat, we had a week where some more upsets threw everything into chaos. So much for Ohio State being invincible. After LSU lost to Florida, we thought they were done, and now they can’t lose. Teams in the Little 10 and Pac 12 keep knocking each other off. Cincinnati ruined the perfect record triangle in the AAC by losing to Temple. Allstate (mayhem) is a perfect sponsor for this sport.
The apple cart is stable and secure. Right now, the only thing that can prevent ‘Bama, Clempson and Notre Dame from going into the playoff undefeated is LSU, which plays host to The Evil Empire in a couple weeks. I submit to you Bayou folks that holding your breath is hazardous to your health.
What do we do with the “other” Mountaineers? How about if App State runs the table? They would be 12-1 with their only loss being an OT loss at Penn State. If no one from the AAC is undefeated, is that league’s champ more worthy of a Fiesta Bowl bid than App State? I would say no. This team is much too good to be relegated to the Camellia Bowl.
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – Yeah, and??????
2.    Clempson – See #1 above.
3.    Notre Dame – See #2 above.
4.    LSU – See #3 above.
5.    Michigan – OK, let’s get Harbaugh and D’Antonio in the ring!
6.    Texas – Pretty exciting offense.
7.    UCF – Just keep on winning.
8.    Oklahoma – Might see them face Texas again. That would be fun.
9.    Georgia – Time for the Cocktail Party game. Hard to say if it will be a shootout or slugfest.
10.Kentucky – Overcame a sluggish performance to get a needed win.
11.Florida – Do they have enough defense to slow down the UGA offense?
12.Ohio State – If they lost, that would have been one thing. But to get torched like that???
13.Washington – Have to stay focused & not look ahead to the Apple Cup.
14.Washington State – Pac 12 Surprise #1. Looks like the Apple Cup winner gets the North division.
15.West Virginia – Should come out angry after a week off to stew over that upset loss.
16.Penn State – Conference title hopes gone, they still have a shot at a major bowl.
17.South Florida – Need to stay focused until they get UCF.
18.Wisconsin – Can still win the division and get a good bowl game.
19.Texas A&M – Must focus on Jerry Clower U & not look ahead to Auburn next week.
20.Iowa – Big game at Penn State this week.
21. Oregon – Another up-and-down team.
22.Appalachian State – Last game against a team that can take them down, Ga. Southern, this week.
23.Miami – Doing just enough to stay alive in terrible division.
24.Utah – Pac 12 Surprise #2. Should win the South division.
25.Texas Tech – Also quite up-and-down, but as usual, a prolific offense.
Next 5: Houston, Utah State, Virginia, San Diego State, UAB
Worst 5: UTEP, Rice, San Jose State, Central Michigan, Bowling Green