Fastest fall from grace ever – We have gone from wondering if Auburn could steal the SEC West to wondering if they will make a bowl in less than a month. With the disgraceful performance against Tennessee, Auburn is now in serious jeopardy of not winning 6 games. Really. Does this team have a prayer against ‘Bama, UGA or A&M? I don’t see how. If the defense was this bad against the Vols, how are they supposed to contain the 50-points-per-game machine Misipi is rolling out? Even if they squeak out a win against one of these superior teams, they’re going to end up in a place like Shreveport for the bowl game. Yikes.
At least they weren’t the only ones. Georgia, West Virginia, Penn State and Washington also saw their seasons torpedoed by losing to lower-ranked teams. WVU and Penn State suffered Auburn-like bad losses. UGA needs to rebound and win the cocktail party or they will be looking at a third-tier bowl appearance.
It’s all about us, Dog Face! Army is now the class of the service academies, sitting at 4-2 while both Navy and Air Force are 2-4. Army was so bad for so long, it’s nice to see them bounce back.
C-USA is a great mystery novel. We know that North Texas and UAB are clearly the best teams, and we know UTEP and Western Kentucky are the bottom-feeders. Who any of the other 10 teams are is a total mystery. My Charlotte 49ers have a small chance to get to a bowl game. Of course we have the 56-3 beat-down awaiting us in Knoxville week 10. Beyond that, there are road games with Middle Tennessee, Marshall and Florida Atlantic, along with home games against Southern Miss and Florida International. All of these teams are either 4-2, 3-3 or 2-3. If we manage to win 3 of the 5 (perhaps the 3 teams with 3 losses?), we get to 6 wins. I’m not betting on it; I suspect we’ll actually win 1 or 2 of them. But the team has certainly taken a few steps forward.
Power Rankings
1.    ‘Bama – Going through the motions.
2.    Ohio State – Haskins is becoming an all-world QB.
3.    Clempson – Only NC State stands between them and 13-0.
4.    Notre Dame – Continue to grind out wins. Probably will run the table and make the CFP.
5.    LSU – Best chance of anyone to beat ‘Bama.
6.    Michigan – Probably just smoke & mirrors waiting to get destroyed by Ohio State again.
7.    Texas – Now the Little 10 conference leader.
8.    Georgia – Not sure why you would look past LSU, but they clearly did.
9.    Kentucky – In a great position for a New Year’s 6 bowl.
10.UCF – They just keep winning.
11.Oklahoma – The Texas loss keeps looking better.
12.Florida – Hard group to figure out – are they the team from the LSU game or the Kentucky game?
13.Oregon – Now the Pac 12 favorite.
14.Washington – I bet they really hate that week 1 loss right now.
15.West Virginia – They were obviously taking Iowa State lightly.
16.Penn State – Very ugly home loss.
17.Cincinnati – Will be interesting to see how they stack up with the other undefeated teams in the AAC.
18.South Florida – See #17 above.
19.Wisconsin – A pretender once again.
20.Misipi State – A crowded group of 2nd-tier SEC teams.
21.Texas A&M – See #20 above.
22.NC State – The 2nd-best team in the ACC. Problem for them is the best team is in their division.
23.Iowa – Will probably end up winning the Big 14 West & get drilled by Ohio State.
24.Washington State – Not that they’re elite, but we’re running out of top 25 candidates.
25.San Diego State – See #24 above.
Next 5: Michigan State, Stanford, Appalachian State, USC, Houston
Worst 5: UTEP, Rice, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Nebraska