We learned OT needs fixing. AGAIN! How did the current overtime structure get built? I think it was either a severely drunk man or a 7-year-old child. Even if you are one of those wimpy, cupcake, most-unmanly-man-in-the-world guys who cries, “It’s not FAIR to not give both teams a possession” bums, anything is better than this stupid structure. First off, let’s start the possessions at each team’s OWN 25, not the opponent’s 25. Secondly, set some kind of limit. A 10-minute period like the NFL should be fine. I still think sudden-death rules should apply. Not fair to not ensure both teams get a possession? You shudda defeated them in the 60 minutes you had. Lose a coin flip and never get the ball in OT, too bad. Life sucks sometimes. Get over it and get over yourself.
Let’s do it again. In Conference USA, the last game of the year was completely meaningless, as UAB had already clinched the West division title when they met a Middle Tennessee State team that needed the win to win the East division. UAB mailed it in, and MTSU caught the breaks to get into the title game. So UAB and MTSU will play for the second straight week. One should assume UAB will play better the second time with a bigger bowl paycheck on the line.
We know who the 3 best teams are. That would be ‘Bama, Clempson and Notre Dame. Clempson and Notre Dame will play in one semifinal game. Those 3 are a cut above. Who has the 4th spot? Does it really matter? Whether it’s UGA, Oklahoma, Ohio State, UCF or anyone else, the team that gets that slot is going to lose 47-3 to ‘Bama. I suppose it’s a nice recruiting tool, but it’s really meaningless in the big picture.
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – It’s just hard to see anyone beating them.
2.    Clempson – It’s just hard to see anyone beating them other than ‘Bama.
3.    Notre Dame – See #2 above.
4.    Georgia – They get the #4 spot if they win. But can they actually win?
5.    Oklahoma – If they win and ‘Bama wins, they should get in.
6.    Ohio State – If they win and ‘Bama wins and Texas wins, they should get in.
7.    UCF – They should be in, but need a win and losses by UGA, Oklahoma AND Ohio State.
8.    Florida – They get to a NY6 game a year early.
9.    Texas – If they win and ‘Bama wins and Northwestern wins and Memphis wins, well…..
10.Penn State – No change at USC, so that ends the gossip that Franklin is headed West.
11.Washington – If they had beaten that fraudulent Auburn team, they’re in the playoff mix.
12.Kentucky – Best football season in several hundred years.
13.Michigan – One is starting to think Harbaugh will NEVER beat Ohio State.
14.LSU – OK, so Coach Ed O is pretty good after all.
15.Washington State – Gagged away a golden opportunity.
16.Utah – Incredibly, a chance to get to the Rose Bowl.
17.Boise State – Too far behind UCF, so they’ll go to Vegas for the 30th straight year.
18.Syracuse – Have had a very nice season.
19.Texas A&M – Great win in the basketball game that broke out at Kyle Field.
20.Misipi State – Successful season.
21.Army – When was the last time Army won 10 games? Great story.
22.Utah State – Golden opportunity lost on the Blue Field.
23.West Virginia – Have to wonder what might have been if they hadn’t gagged at Stillwater.
24.Iowa State – Another decent year; in the upper half of the Little 10 Conference.
25.Missouri – Lock should be a high NFL draft pick.
Next 5: Fresno State, NC State, Stanford, Cincinnati, Oregon

Worst 5: UConn, Central Michigan, UTEP, Rice, San Jose State