It was fun while it lasted. So much for the brief time in the national spotlight for UAB and Syracuse. I never expected Syracuse to challenge Notre Dame, and they didn’t. I did expect UAB to win, but having their freshman backup QB made the hill too tough to climb. They should still win next week and if they win the C-USA title game, they could get a very nice bowl bid.
Welcome back, Mad Hatter. Les Miles is the next Kansas head coach. This could be very interesting. We all know how goofy and quirky a coach he is. Could he actually make the Kansas football team relevant for only like the third or fourth time in 100 years? It will be fun to watch, I’m quite sure. The only thing being asked of him is a bowl game – ANY bowl game. I don’t think anyone remembers, but about a dozen years ago, Missouri and Kansas were swapping spots at the top of the Top 25 rankings. Success at Kansas can be had. I doubt Miles gets them to the CFP, but I can see them getting a sustained run of 7-8 wins and decent bowl games.
Some people can’t stand prosperity. Count the West Virginia football team among them. For the second time, they lost to a decidedly inferior team – and this time to a team with a 50-something coach with a mullet. Yikes!
Could we have a “little team” in the playoff? It’s possible. Several things have to happen for UCF to get in. Obviously, they have to win this week and the AAC title game. They also probably need Ohio State to beat Michigan and then lose to Northwestern in the Big 14 title game. With both ‘Bama and UGA sitting above them, if the SEC title game is a blowout, UCF would move ahead of that losing team. Washington State losing either the Apple Cup or the Pac 12 title game would help, but probably isn’t required.
Some schedule quirks make no sense. Duke-UNC, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, and Kansas-Kansas State should be played the last week of the year. Aren’t those these teams’ natural rivals?
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – Shut out Misipi St & LSU, then are tied 10-10 with The Citadel. Looking past this week much?
2.    Clempson – Will enter the playoff without being challenged for 2 months.
3.    Notre Dame – Looking forward to their D vs Clempson offense.
4.    Michigan – Can Harbaugh finally beat Ohio State?
5.    Georgia – Georgia Tech game could be quite a track meet.
6.    UCF – I guess it was more than the genius of the head coach, huh?
7.    LSU – Playing for a home game for a (Sugar) bowl game.
8.    Washington State – The only consistent team in their conference.
9.    Oklahoma – Should win the conference handily.
10.Ohio State – Could they steal a playoff spot with wins the next 2 weeks?
11.Florida – Now you have to wonder, how did they lose to Kentucky?
12.Texas – Now you have to wonder, how did they lose to Maryland? Twice?
13.Utah State – No chance at the playoff, but should get a Power 5 team in a bowl.
14.Penn State – Now you have to wonder, how did they lose to Michigan State?
15.West Virginia – That was an epic collapse against Oklahoma State and The Mullet.
16.Washington – Beat WSU and you make the most of an inconsistent season.
17.Kentucky – Much closer to real title contention than most of us gave them credit for.
18.Northwestern – Now you have to wonder, how did they lost ALL their nonconference games?
19.Virginia – Should have run away with the ACC Coastal division.
20.Utah – We never get to see teams like this in the East. That’s a shame.
21.Boise State – See #20 above.
22.Army – Great to see them excelling after so many years of irrelevance.
23.Syracuse – So much for that.
24.Texas A&M – Coach Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob has made the most of another coach’s players.
25.Misipi State – Solid season. Need Egg Bowl win to get a good bowl.
Next 5: Iowa State, Fresno State, Missouri, NC State, Stanford
Worst 5: Rice, Central Michigan, UConn, UTEP, Western Kentucky