Wow, they really WERE pretenders. Kentucky didn’t just get exposed as a pretender by Georgia. They pretty much never showed up against Tennessee, including allowing a Hail Mary TD at the end of the first half. Lucky for them, they still have Louisville on the schedule.
The more things change, the more they don’t. The top 11 in the power rankings are unchanged from last week. With 2 weeks of games left, Ohio State and Michigan will have their annual game, and ‘Bama and Georgia will meet in the SEC title game. Those appear to be the only chances of any of the top 11 losing a game. Some people insist Syracuse has a chance to beat Notre Dame this week. I suppose they do, but I’m not betting any money on it.
How about them new guys? Army and UAB are in the rankings. Both are fantastic stories. Army was so bad for so long, and now it’s going bowling for the 3rd straight year (and should beat Navy for the 3rd straight year too). UAB had its program killed off by all the Crimson Elephants on the U of Alabama system board of directors. But a grassroots effort led to a re-birth, the coach stayed around, and after an 8-4 launch in 2017, they are 9-1 and C-USA West champs. Their paycheck game is this week at Texas A&M. UAB is ranked, A&M isn’t. Hmmmm…..
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – Unspectacularly doing the same thing as last week.
2.    Clempson – See #1 above.
3.    Notre Dame – See #2 above.
4.    Michigan – See #3 above.
5.    Georgia – See #4 above.
6.    LSU – See #5 above.
7.    UCF – See #6 above.
8.    Washington State – See #7 above.
9.    Oklahoma – See #8 above.
10.Ohio State – See #9 above.
11.West Virginia – See #10 above.
12.Florida – Most confusing team in the NCAA. Probably get a New Year’s 6 bowl birth now.
13.Texas – Like Florida, ahead of where they should be in the rebuild.
14.Utah State – Ready for a NY6 bowl bid if somebody knocks off UCF.
15.Iowa – Very tough to figure out from one week to the next.
16.Penn State – See #15 above.
17.Syracuse – Scoring machine that has not played anyone nearly as good as the Irish.
18.Virginia – Best team in a terrible Power 5 Conference division.
19.Utah – Still could win the conference, but way too inconsistent to be national contenders.
20.Washington – See #19 above.
21.Kentucky – Remember when they were SEC East title contenders? Neither do I.
22.Northwestern – Headed to the Big 14 title game. Nice story. It won’t end well.
23.Boise State – Back in after a controversial call goes their way against Fresno State.
24.Army – Going to a bowl for the 3rd straight year, a program record
25.UAB – They’re ranked. Next opponent Texas A&M isn’t. Upset alert?
Next 5: Fresno State, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Texas A&M
Worst 5: Rice, Central Michigan, UConn, UTEP, Western Kentucky