‘Bama still has no equal. LSU had no chance. The only candidates left are Clempson and Notre Dame. I’m not going to have any issues missing these playoff games.
Kentucky isn’t ready yet. It’s been a nice season and all, but when the biggest dawg in the division showed up, it was over from the opening kickoff. I guess UK is still a basketball school.
Tennessee has rushing issues. They were negative rushing yards until late in the 3rd quarter against my Charlotte 49ers, and managed only 14 points. The same 49ers that gave up 45 to App State and 49 to UMass. Watch us give up 50 to Marshall this week.
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – I’m running out of words.
2.    Clempson – Should cruise into the CFP from here.
3.    Notre Dame – See #2 above.
4.    Michigan – Big win this week. Still need to topple Ohio State.
5.    Georgia – Still own the SEC East.
6.    LSU – Never showed up for the ‘Bama game.
7.    UCF – Is it their fault no one will play them?
8.    Washington State – If they don’t win the Pac 12 now, they should go to the Cheez-It Bowl.
9.    Oklahoma – that Texas loss looking a little worse.
10.Ohio State – Sleepwalking right now.
11.West Virginia – You gotta love these Little 10 pinball games.
12.Kentucky – It was fun while it lasted.
13.Florida – Early-season success probably raised expectations too high.
14.Texas – See #11 above.
15.Fresno State – Who predicted them in the Mountain West title game? Could be fun.
16.Utah State – See #15 above.
17.Iowa – The wheels have fallen off.
18.Penn State – See #17 above.
19.Misipi State – Still a little too inconsistent.
20.Syracuse – Finally finding some success for the football team.
21.Houston – If they can keep it up, the AAC title game with UCF should be fun.
22.Virginia – Very quietly having a good year.
23.Boston College – See #22 above.
24.Utah – See #18 above.
25.Washington – Trying to make the apple game a national game.
Next 5: Northwestern, Michigan State, Iowa State, Texas A&M, UAB
Worst 5: Rice, UConn, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, UTEP