The Saints are still a machine. They made a pretty good defense look absolutely clueless. When Brees throws to Thomas, they connect 90% of the time. This was particularly tough to watch as a Panthers fan, considering the trouble we have defending the middle of the field, especially tight ends. Thank heaven we have 6 weeks to figure something out.
Sub-optimal cell phone use. When Joe Horn broke out the cell phone celebration back in the early 00’s, I was one of the people that went ape over it. I think that’s because it was Horn, who had done time as a Falcon and a Saint, so I hated everything he did anyway. I have to give him points for creativity, even if it was a little over the top. Well, Michael Thomas did a repeat this week. I just rolled my eyes this time. It’s not that big a deal. Because of the prop, he was properly penalized, but no big deal otherwise. The internet reaction was ridiculous. The people who wanted him suspended, and the people who thought it was WONDERFUL, are both out to lunch. I suppose if I were a Saints fan, I’d feel differently.
The more things change, the more they don’t. Kansas City, New Orleans and both LA teams score a zillion points a game. The Raiders, Bills, Giants and Cards are so bad the definition of the words “point” and “touchdown” should be printed and placed in every player’s locker. Nice to know there is some consistency in this world.
Power Rankings:
1.    Kansas City – Powerful offense just keeps rolling.
2.    New Orleans – See #1 above.
3.    LA Rams – Now we know their defense can be had.
4.    New England – Looking like that pinball game with KC could happen again.
5.    LA Chargers – Surprisingly good defense to go along with the normal Phillip Rivers machine.
6.    Carolina – Must fix the middle defense to go deep in the playoffs.
7.    Pittsburgh – Starting to round into form.
8.    Houston – Now running away with their division.
9.    Chicago – The season’s biggest surprise so far.
10.Washington – Still the favorite in the NFC East.
11.Cincinnati – Must find a way to beat Pittsburgh to get back to the playoffs.
12.Minnesota – Injuries have held the defense back.
13.Miami – Turns out they’re pretty decent.
14.Philadelphia – Inconsistent running game is hurting.
15.Atlanta – Doing a good job dealing with all the injuries.
16.Tennessee – One of the many middle-o-the-road teams that is hard to figure out.
17.Seattle – See #16 above.
18.Baltimore – See #17 above.
19.Green Bay – See #18 above.
20.Indianapolis – Still need defensive help.
21.Dallas – Having an effeminate yes-man as HC is really hurting them.
22.Detroit – Not understanding the Golden Tate trade.
23.Jacksonville – Remember when they were a Super Bowl contender?
24.Tampa Bay – They make great halftime adjustments, I’ll give them that.
25.NY Jets – Desperately need interior line help.
26.Denver – Desperately need head coaching help.
27.Cleveland – I’d still be very hopeful, as long as the next coach is good.
28.Arizona – Still have a ton of holes.
29.San Francisco – Nick Mullens? Ooooooo-kay…..
30.Buffalo – Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
31.NY Giants – See #30 above.
32.Oakland – See #31 above.