The media is still off its rocker. There is a story on the ESPN website that wonders if Jason Garrett is on the brink of losing his job. Please. Yeah, Jerry “I Want Me Some Glory Hole” Jones was livid about the late decision to punt, but he’s not going to get rid of Garrett. JJ is not going to pull a Ted Turner and name himself head coach. But keeping Garrett is like naming himself coach. Garrett is a spineless, rubber-stamping yes man that will do whatever the owner wants. The last thing JJ wants is to have another coach like Bill Parcells – someone who is a football genius with his own brain and a smart mouth. Not when you can have a puppet like Garrett.
Breaking news – Mahomes is mortal. He actually threw an interception this past week. No worries, though – he still threw for a gazillion yards and TDs and the Chiefs still won. KC and the Rams play week 11 up on Mount Everest in Mexico. That will be a nice Super Bowl preview.
The Barkley kid is pretty good. Lots of people ripped the Giants for taking Barkley at #2 instead of a future franchise QB. But as we got to see here in Carolina this week, Barkley has all the tools to be a special player. However, I’m not sure they will ever get back to the top as long as they have this guy wearing #13 who is so fixated on himself. You never see that in New England, and you didn’t see it in Pittsburgh until recently. The teams that put team above individual glory are the ones that win.
The Saints are back. What do you mean? The Saints of most of the Payton-Brees era have been all offense, no defense. That changed last year when the defense got good. The defense is lousy again. That bodes well for the Panthers, who have lots of raw talent on offense that has time to gel before facing the Saints in weeks 15 and 17.
Power Rankings:
1.    Kansas City – This is probably a 13- or 14-win team.
2.    LA Rams – See #1 above.
3.    New Orleans – Scoring a million points a game again.
4.    Cincinnati – It’s starting to look like eking out a win over them wasn’t so bad after all.
5.    Chicago – The offense guru brought in to teach the QB has a stout defense.
6.    Carolina – Should improve on defense as Reid gets worked into game shape.
7.    New England – Big game with KC this week.
8.    LA Chargers – Another good offense. How will the defense hold up?
9.    Baltimore – No shame in losing to a vastly-improved Cleveland team.
10.Jacksonville – Turns out they are much less a threat without Fournette.
11.Tennessee – A cure for insomnia, but a playoff contender.
12.Miami – The downward slide is slow, but ongoing.
13.Minnesota – Still no running game.
14.Green Bay – See #13 above.
15.Cleveland – They’re 2-2-1, and about 4 plays away from being 5-0. Young players will learn how to finish.
16.Pittsburgh – Better, but still with defense questions.
17.Tampa Bay – Remember them being ranked #3? Neither do I, but QB play needs to improve.
18.Washington – Looked lousy this week. Need to tighten up secondary as the Panthers come to town.
19.Philadelphia – Injuries at RB holding them back.
20.Seattle – Jesus Juice Guy still dealing with sub-par WR play.
21.Houston – No longer among the dead. Recent struggles by Jags & Titans gives them hope.
22.Dallas – No consistency.
23.Detroit – See #22 above.
24.NY Jets – See #23 above.
25.Buffalo – See #24 above.
26.Denver – Really hard team to figure out from week to week.
27.Atlanta – Defense has been downgraded to “putrid.”
28.NY Giants – Gigantic holes on defense, gigantic ego to placate at WR. Bad combo.
29.Arizona – The rookie QB is going to help.
30.San Francisco – A mess.
31.Indianapolis – A hot mess.
32.Oakland – A mess no adjective can accurately describe.