It’s lonely at the top. The Rams and Chiefs have put a pretty big gap between themselves and the 30 other teams. It’s those 2 and everybody else at this point.
We might still need replacement refs. That crew in Oakland was awful. The replay officials in multiple places have been questionable. The catch rule has been simplified, but there still seems to be too many zebras that are unsure of themselves – not to mention too many of them that think the fans paid a gazillion dollars to see them instead of the players.
It was fun while it lasted.We started the year believing Jacksonville was a legit contender, and not really knowing what to expect from Miami and Tampa Bay. Then those other two started 2-0 (Miami 3-0) and we were all befuddled. Well, the market has corrected. Tampa has lost its last 2 and Miami was sent to earth in a fiery crash at New England. I expect we’ve seen the last of them among the contenders.
The Poison Politics Pill will get tested. With the Panthers breaking ranks and signing Eric Reid (yeah, I believe his collusion case, but not his buddy Colin’s case), we now get to see how the politics & sports mix shakes out this year. I fully expect Reid is going to do some kind of pregame protest – note his “#ImWithKaep” shirt he wore at his first media appearance after a team practice – but I do not care. But there are a lot of people who will hate him for it and call for Panthers boycotts. These are mainly Trump groupies who started hating the protests after he called them SOBs at a rally. I think it’s time to stop protesting and force action on the issues the protests called attention to, but that’s just me. I mainly want him to help shut down studs like OBJ, July Jones, the Saints WR crew and those speed demons in Pittsburgh. Do whatever you want otherwise.
Power Rankings:
1.    Kansas City – When you complete a pass with your OTHER arm, it’s just your year.
2.    LA Rams – Definitely a Super Bowl offense.
3.    Jacksonville – Great defense leading the way.
4.    Chicago – The surprise of the league so far.
5.    New Orleans – Recovering nicely from the opening week blunder.
6.    Cincinnati – Did us Panthers fans a big favor beating Atlanta.
7.    Baltimore – Dodged a few bullets in Pittsburgh.
8.    Miami – So much for that. Back to reality.
9.    Tennessee – Compelling game against Philly, great call by the coach in OT.
10.Carolina – Looking to take a step up with Reid signing.
11.Washington – Still don’t know much about them.
12.Green Bay – Please kill all Packer throwback uniforms. PLEASE!!!!!!
13.Philadelphia – One step forward, one step back.
14.New England – Big statement this week. Should cruise to another division title.
15.Seattle – Offense still struggling. Earl Thomas flipping birds. All is not well.
16.Dallas – Still haven’t established a rhythm.
17.Denver – Should have had that one on MNF.
18.Tampa Bay – See #8 above.
19.LA Chargers – Much better start this year. Still not sure about the defense.
20.Minnesota – Looks like their defense can be had as well.
21.Pittsburgh – They REALLY miss Bell & Shazier.
22.Cleveland – Not far from 4-0. Have to learn to finish.
23.Atlanta – I told you their defense could be had.
24.Detroit – Patricia still building the defense. Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob Cooter has the offense in good shape.
25.Indianapolis – I understand the OT decision. The play choice was awful.
26.San Francisco – Beathard may be OK. Still more building to be done.
27.NY Jets – See #26 above, only say “Darnold” instead of “Beathard.”
28.Buffalo – Taken a big step backward.
29.Oakland – The zebras usually hate Oakland. They really helped them this week.
30.NY Giants – OK, so tell me again why simply drafting Barkley was supposed to add 7 wins?????
31.Houston – The Texans 2018 MVP – Frank Reich.
32.Arizona – Showed some signs of life. That’s something.