Patrick Mahomes is a super-stud. Yeah, I know we said we learned that last week. But we got it pounded into our heads again this week. I’m not sure who the Chiefs have on their schedule that can stop him. Maybe the Rams, if their cornerbacks are healthy when they meet. In fantasy ball, my opponent this week has Mahomes. I’m in deep doo-doo.
Like we all saw that coming. Raise your hand if you had the Dolphins as the last Florida team to lose a game. Yeah, me neither. They go on the road to face the suddenly fragile Patriots this week.
The Rozelle Dream is alive. Pete Rozelle always dreamed of parity when he was the Commish. Talk about parity – after 3 weeks, there are 14 teams with winning records, 14 teams with losing records, and 4 teams that are 1-1-1.
Conspiracy theorists unite! When the schedule was released in April, I found an easy way to continue holding my belief that the inhabitants of the Park Ave NFL offices has a special hatred for the Carolina Panthers. Thomas Davis had already been suspended for the first 4 games under the substance abuse policy (which really needs overhaul, considering common vitamin ingredients are on the banned list), then here is Carolina, along with Washington, being the first teams to have a bye, in week 4. I saw this as deliberate on the part of the NFL, as it meant keeping Davis off the team for the maximum number of days possible. That’s my story and I’m STILL sticking to it.
It’s all about the kids. Sam Darnold won the Jets QB job in training camp. Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen took over for the Browns, Bills and Cards in week 3. And of course there’s Mahomes, who was a rookie last year but didn’t start until week 1 this year. Lots of hope out there for the young QBs. Time will tell if the promising starts for Deshaun Watson and Jimmy Garoppolo will be derailed by the ACL tears or if they were just bumps in the road.
Power Rankings:
1.    Kansas City – Andy Reid’s best team?
2.    LA Rams – Rolling, but down both CBs on a short week against a good team.
3.    Miami – Not exciting, but solid all the way around so far.
4.    Jacksonville – Well….. They still have a great defense.
5.    Tampa Bay – Who thought the week 4 game at Chicago would be with two 2-1 teams?
6.    Philadelphia – Should rise from here with Wentz back.
7.    Carolina – They need the bye to figure out what to do with the secondary.
8.    New Orleans – Everything new is old again. A prolific offense and terrible defense once again.
9.    Chicago – Everything new is old again. A stout defense and offense that does just enough.
10. Cincinnati – Much improved, just need to get healthy.
11.Tennessee – Everything old is new again. The team is good, but so boring no one notices.
12.Washington – Exceeding expectations so far.
13.Baltimore – Should again be in the playoff hunt.
14.Denver – Still waiting on the 2017 version of Sam Bradford.
15.Minnesota – Obviously took the team from Buffalo, NC too lightly.
16.Green Bay – Maybe bringing in the old Browns coach as DC wasn’t so brilliant.
17.Pittsburgh – Would have been buried if they blew that lead in Tampa.
18.Cleveland – Lots of hope now with Mayfield, and the Raiders are up next.
19.Atlanta – Offense is back. The defense can be had.
20.Detroit – Great way to come off the deck, beating The Guru.
21.New England – Way too inconsistent so far.
22.San Francisco – I think they’ve reached their highest point now that Jimmy G. is out.
23.Seattle – I still think there are too many defensive holes for them.
24.Indianapolis – Neck Beard needs more help from his mates.
25.Dallas – As long as the owner employs himself as GM and a puppet as a coach, there’s no ring in sight.
26.NY Jets – They have the QB, it’s just going to take some growing.
27.LA Chargers – Not enough players at key spots.
28.Buffalo – See #27 above.
29.NY Giants – See #28 above.
30.Oakland – Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
31.Arizona – See #30 above.
32.Houston – See #31 above.