The Bucs are better.New Orleans and Philly are supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. Both now have a loss courtesy of Tampa Bay. And amazingly enough, it’s happened behind an incredibly average quarterback. I’m not sure this week will be any confirmation, as Pittsburgh has its own problems. But the Bucs are not headed down the Power Rankings any time soon.
The Browns have company in the Hot Mess Club. Cleveland has now played 19 straight games without a win. But they are far from the worst franchise in the NFL at the moment. The Giants are awful and unwatchable. If you have insomnia, record a Cardinals game and fire it up when you need to go to sleep. You’ll be unconscious so fast you will be disoriented when the alarm clock goes off the next morning. And Buffalo? A year after breaking the playoff drought and being a great feel-good story, a starting defensive back retires – at halftime of a game. YIKES!
I love to laugh at over-reacting rule changes. A couple years ago, there was a tie in one of the London games. People started screaming bloody murder that something needed to be done to stop all the ties. (All the ties – yeah, about one per year.) So the line of scrimmage for the point after touchdown was moved back to encourage more missed kicks, the OT period was shortened and sudden-death removed in case of the first OT possession ending in a field goal. It didn’t work. There continued to be 1 tie game a year, until now. We’re 2 weeks into the 2018 season, and we have 2 ties.
I am mocking you who approved of these changes, just as I am mocking people who are screaming to change the MLB playoff format because a 100-win Yankees team has to play in the wild card game while a 90-win Indians team gets to waltz into the Division Series. You change rules because something is fundamentally flawed, not because this year it produced results you don’t like.
In the case of the NFL OT, put sudden-death back in. First team to score wins. Man up and keep your “it’s not fair!” whining to yourself. You had 60 minutes to beat the other team. You lose a coin flip and never get the ball? Should have beat them in regulation. Get over it.
Power Rankings:
1.    LA Rams – Everything is rolling. I bet St. Louis fans are sick watching this team flourish in LA.
2.    Kansas City – OK, Mahomes is a super-stud.
3.    Tampa Bay – Two wins against tough opponents. Give them credit.
4.    Jacksonville – They whipped the Pats pretty good on Sunday. Following up on a strong 2017.
5.    Miami – Not sure what beating the Titans and Jets tells us. Beating Oakland this week won’t help.
6.    Cincinnati – Offense is solid, defense still has some questions.
7.    Denver – Holding serve at home. First road game this week will answer some questions.
8.    Minnesota – Zimmer hates kickers.
9.    Green Bay – Packers love Vikings (former) kicker.
10.Philadelphia – Wentz is back this week, hoping to finish more drives with TDs.
11.New England – Outside of the TE, not many good players catching footballs on this squad.
12.Atlanta – Found running game against a good run defense. Injuries still piled high.
13.Carolina – Offense looks fine. Injuries still piled high.
14.NY Jets – Looks like they have their QB. Now to get more people for him to throw to….
15.Baltimore – Missed a golden opportunity in Cincinnati.
16.Washington – This is an inconsistent team, headed for 8-8 and a ranking around 16.
17.Chicago – The QB is still feeling his way in the dark. Defense looks solid.
18.San Francisco – See #16 above.
19.Tennessee – Seem to be sputtering. Wait & see mode here.
20.Indianapolis – They seem to have some semblance of a defense to do with Neck Beard.
21.LA Chargers – Biggest problem is only getting to play Buffalo once a year.
22.Dallas – So they beat NY. Still not all that great.
23.New Orleans – Should be 0-2. Lose to Atlanta and they’ll be in trouble.
24.Pittsburgh – Poor showing so far. Antonio Brown STILL needs to avoid social media.
25.Cleveland – Charlotte 49er Larry Ogunjoboi off to a terrific start. Lots of fight in this team.
26.Seattle – Could Russell’s Jesus Juice help the offense?
27.Houston – Watson isn’t all the way back. Need to crush NY this week to save the season.  
28.Oakland – Hey Jon, we having fun yet?
29.Detroit – Maybe it wasn’t Jim Caldwell’s fault.
30.Arizona – Wilks off to a bad start, and he’s making it worse not gong to Rosen at QB.
31.NY Giants – Barkley was not the right pick at #2.
32.Buffalo – When a starter retires at halftime, you’ve pretty much reached rock bottom.