The Jets are screaming too loud. After Mike “Swear Allegiance To the Democrat Party Or I’ll Ban You From My Website” Florio reported the Jets are going after Jim Harbaugh, the Jets owner starts screaming how false it is. If it’s false, just say it’s false and move on. When you have to go out of your way to tell me something isn’t true, it’s probably true. Calm down there, Turbo Johnsons.
It’s gonna be a busy Firing Monday. Ol’ Jason California or whatever his name is continues to stoke the fires on upcoming firings. He reports a minimum of 7 coaches, and maybe as many as 11, getting their walking papers. Of course Cleveland and Green Bay are already looking. Jason believes Arizona, Tampa Bay, the Jets, Denver and Jacksonville are certain to fire their guys, and that there is reason to believe Miami, Cincinnati, Carolina and Baltimore could join them.
The coaching market will be thin. There doesn’t appear to be a long list of hot takes on guys getting head coaching gigs. One has to assume that Josh McDaniels will again be sought by many. You would have to think the Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy will get some run the way their offense has exploded. Lots of people still think Lincoln Riley will be called to coach Baker Mayfield. Other than that, it’s all retreads. If the Panthers clean house, expect new owner David Tepper to go get some of his Carnegie Mellon analytics grads to staff the front office. That should be interesting.
Power Rankings:
1.    New Orleans – The team I hate most is the league’s best. Ugh.
2.    LA Rams – Will have to find a way to win in New Orleans.
3.    Chicago – Don’t look so silly trading up 1 spot to get their QB now.
4.    Kansas City – No longer a notch above everyone else in the AFC, but do have the best home crowd.
5.    LA Chargers – BIG opportunity missed. Still have a strong Coach of the Year candidate.
6.    New England – Flawed, but probably conference title game-bound again.
7.    Houston – See #5 above.
8.    Seattle – Peaking at the right time.
9.    Indianapolis – Nearly gagged their season away. Should be a great last game vs Titans.
10.Baltimore – See #8 above.
11.Dallas – Not elite, but doing just enough.
12.Tennessee – Like most Titan teams, they’re not exciting but fundamentally sound.
13.Pittsburgh – See #7 above, without the CotY candidate
14.Minnesota – Headed toward a Bears playoff matchup. What fun!
15.Philadelphia – If they miss the playoffs, the collapse against Carolina is probably the top reason why.
16.Cleveland – If Gregg Williams isn’t the permanent coach, NFL should force owner to sell.
17.Washington – Cutting key players for criticizing coaches. Not a good look for him or the team.
18.Miami – About as non-descript as you can get. Need lots of change.
19.Green Bay – Great effort against the Jets. Still waiting for Erin to tell us who he wants as coach.
20.Atlanta – Should be back to form next year without the 147 injuries.
21.Denver – See #18 above.
22.Carolina – Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
23.Cincinnati – See #22 above.
24.Jacksonville – See #23 above.
25.NY Giants – Almost had one there. Need a young QB badly.
26.Tampa Bay – See #24 above.
27.Buffalo – They have the QB, but need more dynamic offense.
28.Detroit – See #26 above.
29.San Francisco – Again showing great fight & determination in a season long gone.
30.Oakland – Nice sentimental win. MUST nail all the first-round picks.
31.NY Jets – See #28 above.
32.Arizona – See #31 above.