Social Media has value. I love the guy whose handle is “Captain Andrew Luck.” He writes like a Civil War soldier writing his mother. After the Colts shut the Cowboys out this week, he wrote, “Dearest mother – My hand trembles with excitement as I write to tell you the unit was victorious over the posse of Cowboys. In fact, we walked away completely unscathed. Truly magnificent. There remains a chance our campaign lengthens, a marvelous thought. I love you – Andrew” How do you NOT love stuff like that?
Where did the Rams go? Remember when the Rams were the last undefeated team? Not many people are going to at the rate they are fading away. They can certainly kiss the #1 seed goodbye. Even if the Saints lose to Pittsburgh this week, they will whip Carolina in the last game and get the top seed.
Yep, it WAS the coach. Yes, this is repetitive, but again we learned that the only problem the Browns had between September 2016 and game 7 this year was the head coach. Yes, they have improved their roster, but going from 3-36-1 to 4-2 is pretty ridiculous. I really think they need to keep Gregg Williams as head coach and Freddie Kitchens as OC, then beef up the roster further in the draft and they’ll be ready for the playoffs. Very impressive.
Karma could be painful. Because I’m a jaded old fart, I always expect change to bring about the worst-case scenario for my teams. My beloved Cleveland Indians lost free agent OF Michael Brantley to the Astros, my brother’s team. This means that Brantley will either throw up a .400/.500/.900 slash line in the Astros games against the Indians next season, and/or the 2 teams will meet in the playoffs again, and Brantley will provide the game-winning hit in the last game.
With all reasonable people now expecting the Panthers to clean house in 2 weeks after they finish the season on an 8-game losing streak, that jaded perspective expects that Ron Rivera will be hired by Tampa Bay, who will never lose to the Panthers again as long as he coaches there. Or, if the Falcons do the wrong thing and fire Dan Quinn for not leading a severely injured team to the playoffs, Rivera lands there. The best case scenario would for Rivera to get the gig in Cleveland, or Cincy or Baltimore if those 2 jobs open up. That way, Rivera couldn’t get his revenge on us until 2022, the next time we play the AFC North teams. There’s no way in hell I get that lucky.
Other bad karma possibilities: John Harbaugh coaching Cincy or Cleveland, Hue Jackson coaching Cincy and losing 52-8 to the Browns every year, Dan Quinn destroying Atlanta from anywhere if the Falcons are dumb enough to fire him.
Power Rankings:
1.  New Orleans – Guess I have to wait for the Super Bowl for someone to beat them.
2. LA Chargers – Owner should tell Mark Davis how to win without having a home.
3.  Kansas City – Slowing down a little, but still a Super Bowl contender.
4.  LA Rams – Fading fast. Luckily, they have a cream puff coming to right things.
5. Chicago – The team is good, worst-to-first and all, but how about Trubisky’s sweater?
6. Houston – Watson is all the way back, and the defense is quite good.
7.  New England – Brady actually DOES fail on the last drive of the game every century or so.
8. Pittsburgh – Thanks for the illegal hit on Cam that ruined our season. You’ll get yours in the playoffs.
9. Baltimore – Allegedly, team & coach agreed to part back in mid-season. Wonder if that’s changed.
10.Seattle – What an ugly game in Frisco. Better right things quickly.
11.Dallas – Now THAT’S the Cowboys team Troy Aikman was complaining about in October.
12.Indianapolis – Reich should get lots of Coach of the Year votes.
13.Tennessee – So should Vrabel.
14.Minnesota – OK, so it WAS the offensive coordinator!
15.Philadelphia – What is it about LA and injured Philly QBs? Still need help for a playoff run.
16.Washington – Great fight from a team on their 47th QB.
17.Miami – The coach is toast. Or should be.
18.Cleveland – Good for them. They & their fans deserve some happiness.
19.Denver – Not sure if they’re good or bad. I do know they are very boring.
20.Carolina – See #17 above.
21.Cincinnati – See #20 above.
22.Green Bay – Now we wait to see who Erin demands as head coach.
23.Atlanta – Last week was a nice pain reliever for them. This week will be another one.
24.Buffalo – I wonder if McDermott will go after Rivera or Wilks to be his DC?
25.NY Giants – Time for Eli to go join his brother on the set of the Nationwide commercials.
26.Tampa Bay – See #21 above.
27.Detroit – See #19 above.
28.San Francisco – Great fight for a team with nothing to fight for. Will they get some offense in the draft?
29.Jacksonville – See #26 above.
30.NY Jets – See #29 above.
31.Arizona – Jason California or whatever his name is thinks the coach is toast.

Oakland – No place to play in 2019, and three #1 picks that MUST net three starters.