Everything we learned last week no longer applies.The Bears lost to the NY Little People, then whipped the Rams. The Patriots lost in Miami to an inferior team, again. This kind of stuff is why we love this game and hate this game at the same time.
Belichick is still hilarious. He of the “We’re on to Cincinnati” chant and “I’m not on Snap Face or any of those” produced another gem after the wild play that won the game for the Fish. “They just made one more play than we did.” ROTFL!
Sometimes it sucks to be right. Like when you predict in mid-season that your favorite team isn’t going to win another game all year. Five straight losses and the Saints coming to town and a national audience. Gawd, this is gonna be ugly. I have loved having Ron Rivera as Panthers coach. However, after the 8-game losing streak takes us from 6-2 to 6-10, Rivera and GM Marty Hurney will be gone, replaced by one of David Tepper’s Carnegie Mellon grad students as GM and whoever is supposed to be the next Sean McVay as head coach. Rivera will be unemployed for about 10 minutes. I just hope he lands in the AFC where we only have to lose to him once every 4 years.
Power Rankings:
1.    New Orleans – I hate these guys. I’m REALLY gonna hate them after they drop 50 on us on Monday.
2.    Kansas City – Not only are they good, they have the mental toughness to win close games.
3.    LA Rams – Now clearly the #2 team in the NFC and will have to win in New Orleans to win the conference.
4.    LA Chargers – Rivers has discovered something in that 4-hour daily Uber commute.
5.    Chicago – The offensive guru coach is being saved by his defense.
6.    New England – I’m not convinced the dynasty is dead yet.
7.    Houston – Will probably have to settle for a division title and 1 playoff win for the year.
8.    Seattle – Defense starting to come together again.
9.    Dallas – Garrett is now guaranteed another season – and probably another early playoff exit. How ‘bout them Cowboys?
10.Pittsburgh – They will regret that terrible loss.
11.Baltimore – Probably playoff bound. What does that do to the coach’s status?
12.Tennessee – A good team still short a playmaker or two.
13.Indianapolis – See #12 above.
14.Miami – See #13 above.
15.Minnesota – This $500 billion QB isn’t working out so well.
16.Philadelphia – Got screwed by bad officiating in Dallas.
17.Washington – Being on their 14th-string QB offers little hope.
18.Denver – Will Elway pull the trigger even though the team is improving?
19.Carolina – The season’s descent into hellfire and brimstone continues.
20.Cleveland – There is an actual mathematical possibility of a winning season.
21.Green Bay – Who does QB/Owner/god Erin Rodgers want as a coach?
22.NY Giants – Getting to 5 wins is a major accomplishment.
23.Detroit – What will become of OC Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob Cooter after the season?
24.Tampa Bay – Decent effort against a far superior team.
25.Cincinnati – See #24 above.
26.Buffalo – Still need some work, but probably no need to completely tear it down.
27.Atlanta – Where “injuries” isn’t an excuse, but very valid reason.
28.NY Jets – Devolving into a terribly boring team.
29.Jacksonville – See #28 above.
30.San Francisco – Still a mess.
31.Arizona – Still a hot mess.
32.Oakland – Still the hottest mess.