The “fire” department is going to be busy. With Hue Jackson and now Mike McCarthy having been canned, there could be openings in one-third of the league. Looking at the bottom of the standings, and you see several teams that seem to be in dire need of new voices – the Jags, Jets, Bucs, Dolphins and Bengals leap out right away. Plus, given their current skids, it looks darker for the Falcons and my Panthers. If all of those coaches are shown the door, that would be 9 new coaches.

That could be different by the end of the month.Back in October, no one thought Dan Quinn and Ron Rivera would be on the hot seat. But most people were quite certain Vance Joseph and Steve Wilks were on the way out, and had suspicions about Bill O’Brien and Jason Garrett as well. Those 4 appear to be quite safe now as their teams have been more successful.
Power Rankings:
1.    LA Rams – Sluggish out of the bye, they got it together and are a machine again.
2.  Kansas City – Didn’t slow down on offense after axing Ray Rice Jr. – er, uh, I mean, Kareem Hunt.
3.    New Orleans – So they are human after all. Still a good bet for at least 13 wins.
4.    New England – That NE-KC AFC title game is gonna be fun.
5.    Houston – Amazing defense from the allegedly offensive-minded coach.
6.    LA Chargers – Great comeback in Pittsburgh. Lynn should be Coach of the Year.
7.  Chicago – They must not have been paying any attention to let the Little People beat them.
8.    Pittsburgh – Still the best team in their division.
9.    Seattle – A team that is on a big enough of a roll that I need to come up with more Jesus Juice jokes.
10.Dallas – Fans who hate Garrett are probably mad. This winning streak assures he’ll be back next year.
11.Baltimore – They have their QB. Will the coach stick around?
12.Minnesota – The coach who hates kickers keeps getting bit by bad kicks. Kinda funny.
13.Indianapolis – Oh, yeah, the Jags are supposed to have a defense. So much for Indy’s winning streak.
14.Denver – Speaking of back from the dead…
15.Tennessee – Still a lot of work to do on offense.
16.Miami – Good luck trying to predict what happens with this squad.
17.Washington – This team has completely disappeared the last 2 weeks.
18.Carolina – Rivera has rearranged some deck chairs in case the ship doesn’t sink.
19.Philadelphia – See #16 above.
20.Cincinnati – Maybe Dalton is the man at QB. Look at them without him.
21.Tampa Bay – Nice win, but they still need an overhaul.
22.Cleveland – With Carolina & Cincy left as home games, great shot to end up with less than 10 losses.
23.Green Bay – Who’s next – a strong coach, or an effeminate yes-man to do Erin’s bidding?
24.Buffalo – Bad loss this week. Still better with their young QB.
25.Atlanta – Would they really can their coach with all those defensive injuries?
26.NY Giants – Still need lots of interior line help & a young QB.
27.Detroit – BB Jr. still has to build his defense.
28.Jacksonville – Still not in good shape. Only 6 points?
29.Arizona – Doing what they can to save their coach. May have done it with that win.
30.NY Jets – A mess.
31.San Francisco – A hot mess.
32.Oakland – The hottest mess.