Scratch the Panthers off the contenders list. Detroit is a bad team. The Panthers, coming off a long week of rest, made them look like world-beaters. The defense, the alleged strength of the team, is terrible. There is still no defense for the middle of the field, the tackling is nearly non-existent, and the run defense barely existed. Despite starting 6-2, they will be lucky to beat Cleveland and Tampa to finish 8-8. The DC should be fired right now.
DO believe the hype. The Chiefs-Rams game somehow managed to exceed expectations. It was the 3rd-highest point total in 99 years of the NFL, the most points ever on Monday night and had 4 lead changes in the 4th quarter. It’s hard to imagine anyone beating the Chiefs in the AFC. The Rams-Saints rematch for the NFC title should be a wild show. And the Super Bowl will probably set scoring records.
Blind squirrel finds nut. I had a tough week picking games, finishing 7-6. Among the 7 was a correct pick of the score of the Houston-Washington game, 23-21. Blind squirrels occasionally find the nut. 😊
Power Rankings:
1.    LA Rams – Game of the Century lived up to the hype, as did this scoring machine.
2.    New Orleans – Only #2 because LA has more wins. Will be #1 after they destroy Atlanta this week.
3.    Kansas City – See #1 above.
4.    Pittsburgh – Now pulling away from everyone except KC in the AFC.
5.    New England – I’m trying to figure out how they beat the Chiefs.
6.    Chicago – Hired an offensive guru to coach the QB, and the defense is carrying them. Go figgur. (That word is from the movie “Cliffhanger.”)
7.    Houston – Have won 7 in a row & keep getting better on defense.
8.    LA Chargers – Since CoY is given to team that exceeds expectations by the most, Lynn is top candidate.
9.    Washington – Fun fact: HOU game was their first that had a lead change.
10.Carolina – Fraud. Terrible defense. Will only drop from here.
11.Minnesota – Yet to develop any consistency.
12.Seattle – Improving each week. Will torch Panthers this week.
13.Indianapolis – Four straight wins after 1-5 start. Playoff contenders.
14.Baltimore – Maybe Lamar Jackson is an NFL QB after all.
15.Dallas – Getting better, offense still needs work.
16.Miami – Hard to tell what they are.
17.Tennessee – See #16 above.
18.Cincinnati – Crashing and burning, thanks to awful defense.
19.Green Bay – See #17 above.
20.Denver – See #15 above.
21.Detroit – Panthers game a break from reality. Reality returns on Thursday.
22.Atlanta – Just too many injuries on D, and the Saints are next up. Ouch.
23.Philadelphia – Obviously not the same team as last year. Awful showing last week.
24.Cleveland – They keep getting a little better each week. This is now a good coaching job.
25.NY Giants – Offense getting a little better.
26.Buffalo – They really need their young franchise QB back.
27.NY Jets – Have the young franchise QB, but he needs lots of help.
28.Tampa Bay – What is it with the 100-deficits turning into 3-point losses?
29.Jacksonville – See #18 above.
30.San Francisco – See #26 above.
31.Oakland – A mess.
32.Arizona – A hot mess.