Call it “Season of Chalk.” When the NCAA basketball tournaments end up with all the top 3 seeds in the Sweet 16, they call it “chalk.” No one ever uses that term with football, but that’s what we have this year. ‘Bama, Clempson and Notre Dame were always going to be here, mainly to absolutely lame non-conference schedules for the first 2 and being associated with the ACC for the latter, especially when the 1 real team from the conference isn’t on the schedule. And of course, UCF was never going to be in the top 4, even if they won every game 50-0.
Is this it for Urban? Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is resigning due to health reasons. There were health issues as he was leaving Florida, but they magically disappeared when the Ohio State gig opened up. I can’t imagine any other job would be better than OSU for him, so perhaps this is it. We shall see. As for the Fightin’ Nuts, OC Ryan Day gets the gig. It will always be easy to recruit to Columbus. The X factor is how good a motivator and tactician he is.
Group of 5 teams will never be allowed in the CFP. What is a team like UCF supposed to do? No standard top 10 team will schedule them, so they will always have that deficiency. They wouldn’t have been in with 12 games this year, as a 38-7 win over UNC-CH would not have impressed anyone. They haven’t lost a game since 2016. A team with 2 losses is ahead of them in the CFP rankings. Someone needs to stand up and say out loud what they want from therm.
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – Same story as the last 13 weeks.
2.    Clempson – See #1 above.
3.    Notre Dame – See #2 above.
4.    UCF – They deserve a shot.
5.    Oklahoma – Still get a very nice bowl game.
6.    Ohio State – I’ll bet on his death bed he strains to say, “Harbaugh never beat me.”
7.    Georgia – Just a little short of the Evil Empire.
8.    Florida – Got to a NY6 bowl a year ahead of schedule. Might take the division next year.
9.    Penn State – What might have been with that Michigan State game!
10.Washington – Turned out to be about what was advertised. They must hate that Auburn result.
11.LSU – See #10 above, except change “Auburn” to “’Bama.”
12.Kentucky – Best UK team in my adult life. We’ll see if they can build on it.
13.Texas – See #8 above.
14.Utah – They can hang tough in the Pac 12. Turned out to be a good move for them.
15.Washington State – Coach seems to have shed his “Torture Expert” label, and has things going well.
16.Michigan – With Urban gone, can Harbaugh possibly win The Game?
17.Syracuse – Doing its part to turn the ACC into a Little 10 clone.
18.Texas A&M – Also contending a year early. Good job by coach Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob.
19.Misipi State – A successful year.
20.West Virginia – WAY too inconsistent. Need a QB desperately next year.
21.Fresno State – Great win on The Blue Field for the conference title.
22.Army – A fabulous story. Could set time of possession records against Navy.
23.Missouri – The turnaround in less than 2 seasons is remarkable.
24.Iowa State – They have an excellent coach. A step up in recruiting & they compete with Oklahoma.
25.Boise State – Couldn’t close the deal on The Blue Field.
Next 5: Utah State, NC State, Stanford, Cincinnati, Oregon
Worst 5: UConn, Central Michigan, UTEP, Rice, San Jose State