OK, Notre Dame is good.They are not top 5 yet. That was an impressive win over Stanford, but I want to see them beat a real team on the road before putting them in the top 5. Does Notre Dame ever play on the road? No, Fake Forest does not count.
OK, Kentucky is good.Benny Snell needs to be in the Heisman discussion. That wasn’t a super team they just beat, but 5-0 is impressive. They’re probably an underdog at Kyle Field in week 6, but this is definitely the best UK team since at least the Hal Mumme era, if not longer.
Auburn’s Offense is Awful.Yes, I wrote that in title case on purpose. While the defense appears to be world-class, the offense is just not right. They’re not going to get blown out of any game thanks to that defense, but if something doesn’t get fixed soon, they’re not going to beat UGA, The Evil Empire, and maybe not even Texas A&M. Get to work, Gus!
How do we sort out the middle?We know that ‘Bama and UGA are national title contenders, and LSU is also a top team likely for a New Year’s 6 bowl game. We know that the Vols and Pigs aren’t going anywhere, and Vandy probably isn’t either. The other 8 are in one big lump. Kentucky might be the best of them, but what order do you put Auburn, Florida, Misipi, Misipi St, Mizzou, SC and A&M?
Yet another name change.Back in 1989, a new bowl game for Tucson AZ was born, called the Copper Bowl. In 1997, the name changed to the Insight.com Bowl. In 2000, the bowl was moved to Phoenix, in the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium, and the name was changed to the Insight Bowl. The game moved again in 2006, to the Phoenix suburb of Tempe (home of Arizona State). In 2012, the name became the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. In 2015, it changed again to the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl. Now this year, yet another name, the Cheez-It Bowl. Quiz in 5 minutes.
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – No threat to lose until week 10 at LSU.
2.    UGA – No threat to lose until week 7 at LSU.
3.    Ohio State – Passed a very big test at Penn State.
4.    Clempson – Barely escaped a second straight gag to Syracuse.
5.    Oklahoma – No starting QB, no problem vs. Baylor.
6.    LSU – Need to stay focused at Florida; no looking ahead to UGA.
7.    Notre Dame – Rumor has it they’re playing a real road game this week!
8.    West Virginia – Another year of pinball games, which are fun to watch.
9.    Penn State – Still a top team that now needs someone to beat Ohio State twice.
10.Washington – Good showing against a good BYU team.
11.UCF – If they had been able to beat UNC 66-3 in that cancelled game, they’d get more press.
12.Kentucky – Great start. Let’s see how they do in a very hostile environment this week.
13.Auburn – Chance this week for their stout defense to give their offense a chance to figure something out.
14.Michigan – Only real team they have played thumped them, so we’ll see.
15.Wisconsin – Playing the worst team in Nebraska history this week.
16.Stanford – So much for that.
17.Oregon – Old Oregon offense seems to be back.
18.Miami – Just taking care of business against a terrible division.
19.South Florida – Taking advantage of eggs laid by teams above them.
20.NC State – See #19 above.
21.Texas – See #20 above.
22.Colorado – See #21 above.
23.Michigan State – See #22 above.
24.Oklahoma State – See #23 above.
25.Boise State – Trying to get somewhere besides the Las Vegas Bowl.
Next 5: Misipi State, Cincinnati, Washington State, Syracuse, Iowa
Bottom 5: UTEP, Rice, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Bowling Green