The media is biased in sports, too.We all know the media is biased with political news – FOX News is in bed with the Republicans and the other big networks are in bed with the Democrats. We already knew that. But bias is present in sports as well. After several non-descript wins to start the year, Notre Dame whips Fake Forest and now people are slobbering all over them, calling them a legit CFP contender. Uh, no – not unless they have figured out how to con the ACC into letting them play in the conference championship and they beat Clempson, they are not getting in to what is almost an already-decided field. Unless one of them does something stupid, ‘Bama, Clempson, Ohio State and Georgia are going in. ‘Bama and Georgia both getting in again? I think so. If they both show up to the SEC title game undefeated and the game is decided by 1 score late in the game, I think they both get in. Even if they don’t, Oklahoma would get the 4th spot.
The Power 5 each have 1 power team.Except the SEC, of course. But I haven’t seen anything in this first month that makes me believe anyone but Clempson, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Washington are going to waltz to their conference titles without a scratch. ‘Bama and Georgia should get to the SEC title game without losing also.
Newness is nice.While the top teams have already separated themselves into their own private club, seeing new faces lower on the high tier is refreshing. That would be Kentucky and Duke. While they have zero shot at winning their conferences, they are at least relevant, which is fairly rare for them. Duke managed to get to a bowl game from 2012-15, had a hiccup in 2016 and was winning again in 2017, and may take the pathetic ACC Coastal. Kentucky has been to several bowls in recent years, but 2 wins over big programs in one month have them in the top ranks. Good for them.
Was that a hole-digging record?My alma mater out-did itself in spotting UMass a 28-0 lead in the first 31 seconds of Saturday’s game. To that point, the worst performance they had shown in the 6-year history of the program was the first Conference USA game in 2015, against a high-octane Middle Tennessee State team. That night, MTSU dropped 42 in the first 20 minutes of the game. But 28 points in 31 seconds? Got to be some kind of record.
Power Rankings
1.    ‘Bama – They are on cruise control until the conference title game.
2.    Georgia – See #1 above.
3.    Clempson – See #2 above.
4.    Ohio State – See #3 above.
5.    Oklahoma – See #4 above.
6.    LSU – Stout defense gets a test with high-velocity Misipi offense this week.
7.    Penn State – Still a full step behind the OSU Fightin’ Nuts.
8.    Notre Dame – Not on the doorstep of the CFP, despite the media slobbering.
9.    Auburn – Very non-descript blowout win last week. Probably another one this week too.
10.Washington – See #5 above.
11.Stanford – Should be a good game vs Touchdown Jesus.
12.West Virginia – The Oklahoma game should be fun. Final score 70-63.
13.Central Florida – Still the best Group of 5 team.
14.Michigan – See #7 above.
15.Wisconsin – Only has Iowa in the way of the Big 14 West.
16.BYU – Good team in desperate need of a conference.
17.Oregon – Still decent, if not the top challenger to Washington.
18.Kentucky – Suddenly a contender for 2nd place in the SEC East.
19.Duke – A top contender to be the one to get drilled by Clempson in the title game.
20.Miami – See #19 above.
21.Misipi State – The last coach comes calling this week. Should be interesting.
22.South Florida – Interesting team that doesn’t get much press.
23.NC State – Will probably get 2nd place now that FSU has plunged into complete irrelevance.
24.Texas – Showing signs of life after a lot of average years.
25.Colorado – See #24 above.
Next 5: Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, South Carolina
Worst 5: UTEP, Rice, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Bowling Green