Ahhhhhhh…… The joy of football season. From noon Saturday through midnight Monday, nothing but wall-to-wall football. College and pro ball both in full swing. NFL announcers saying “happy new year” to open their broadcasts. The joy of seeing the Dallas Cowboys stink up the joint against your favorite team and Troy Aikman as one of the broadcasters. The promise that very soon, stepping outside your front door and taking one step will not put you in danger of heatstroke. You gotta love this time of year. What did we learn in the second week of college games?
Try as we might, we overreact in week 1. What were my overreactions? That Coastal Carolina is one of the 5 worst teams and that Florida is all the way back. Kentucky beat Florida for the first time since Ronald Reagan was President. They beat Florida in the Swamp for the first time since Jimmy Carter was President. On the flip side, Coastal fell behind my brother’s UAB squad 21-7, then went all Chip Kelly all over them and won going away. Oops.
Hello? You play to win the game.Just about everyone who claims to know anything about college football spent the entire winter and spring mocking Herm Edwards and Arizona State for hiring him. He hadn’t coached anywhere in 10 years and hadn’t been in college in 30 years. Yet here they are, 2-0, upset winners over Michigan State, and in the top 25. It’s early, but Herm is doing a nice job of making the “experts” look like idiots.
Time for another Vandy legitimacy test. Last year, Vandy started 3-0, and after that third game, one of their players stupidly yelled into a microphone and camera, “Hey, ‘Bama, you’re next!” The Tide, unimpressed, destroyed Vandy and sent them spiraling down to a 5-7 season. Vandy is 2-0 again, and no one said anything stupid after destroying Nevada as they prepare to head to South Bend, IN to play some Catholic school that used to win national championships. That school is in the top 10, so we’ll talk Vandy if they play a good game or, God forbid, win.
‘Bama and the Dawgs are really, really good. We also learned that the sun rises in the East, two plus two equals four, and what goes up must come down.
Power Rankings:
1.    ‘Bama – Typical squad – 85 scholarships, 57 of them 5-star, the rest 4-star. Nothing to see here
2.    Georgia – See #1 above.
3.    Clempson – See #2 above.
4.    Oklahoma – UCLA coach Chip Kelly had a great quote on the OU QB. Google it for a laugh.
5.    Ohio State – Despite another scandal, still running over people.
6.    Wisconsin – Their RB is on pace to threaten the all-time single season rushing record.
7.    Auburn – There is still stuff to clean up before LSU rolls into town this Saturday.
8.    Penn State – See #3 above.
9.    Notre Dame – Looked incredibly average against Ball State. Were they actually looking ahead to Vandy?
10.Washington – Still the best of an incredibly average conference.
11.TCU – This game with Ohio State should be lots of fun.
12.West Virginia – It would be fun for a Charlotte native to win the Heisman.
13.Misipi State – Prolific offense. How will the defense hold up in league play?
14.Virginia Tech – Typical VT team – decent offense, good defense, super special teams.
15.Central Florida – Coaching change seems to have had little effect.
16.Stanford – Will need to win conference for anyone to notice them.
17.LSU – The Ohio State kid against the Auburn front 4 should be fun.
18.Boise State – Had 800 yards of offense last week. Will be interesting how they do at Oklahoma State.
19.Miami – Will look to capitalize on weak division to get back to relevance.
20.Michigan – Lots of people still not sold on this Michigan Man as head coach.
21.Oregon – Matchup with Washington will be interesting viewing, as long as it doesn’t start at 11 PM.
22.Michigan State – I’ll say it: This is where Racist Jamele Hill went to school, so I hope all their teams stink.
23.USC – Pete Carroll may be available if the Seahawks go 5-11.
24.Arizona State – I hope Herm Edwards succeeds. He’s such a fun interview.
25.Texas A&M – Jimbo gets to see Coach Clinched Butt-Cheeks again in a week. Hope he beats him.
Next 5: Utah, Oklahoma State, Boston College, Maryland
Bottom 5: Rice, UTEP, UConn, San Jose State, Bowling Green