My last post was my frustration with the incompetence of my local government in executing ONE function for which they are actually constitutionally responsible for. Now I want to address government taking on extra-constitutional functions and the mindset of those that approve of it.

Government is responsible for establishing roads (Article I, Section 8, Item 7, as discussed in the last post). Government also takes on things it has no business taking on, such as taxing the citizens to the point of enslaving them, attempting to ensure guaranteed economic outcomes regardless of individual effort (welfare, unemployment, Section 8 vouchers with no expiration dates or incentive to move to self-support), or removing personal choice in favor of forced choice (such as the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act). Some of the more clandestine actions include the payroll deduction – having your taxes removed from your paycheck before you receive it. It was sold as a convenience, but in reality it was a way to keep the public ignorant, not knowing how much tax was being taken from them. That has worked beyond even the government’s expectations. Almost no one knows how much income tax they pay; they only know the amount of the refund they get every spring.

All these actions are deliberately designed to get the individual dependent on the government. If you depend on the government for all of your basic needs, you have become a slave. The people in elected positions can then scare you by telling you the opponent in the next election is going to take some things away, things that you need to survive. That’s exactly the goal. This makes the elected official a person of tremendous power, and leaves you completely subservient to their whims. They use words like “deserve” and “entitled” on purpose, to keep you knelt at their altar so you can get things without having to work for them.

The 2012 presidential election contained one of the most vulgar, despicable things a free man could ever see. It was the “Julia” video developed by President Obama’s reelection campaign. The video presented a fictional character named Julia as she journeyed from birth to death. Along the way, everything she needed was available to her for free – a place to live, a college degree, going to the doctor without ever getting a bill, absolutely everything. I very nearly threw up. I am not kidding or exaggerating. This was the most vile thing I have ever seen. To put out the notion that the government is the one you should turn to for literally everything a human being needs to live is the exact opposite of what the Constitution of the United States represents. It spits and lays human waste on the graves of the people who gave their lives so they could rid themselves of that very existence, which they had spent their lives living with in England. It is incomprehensible to me that people actually call for this master-slave form of government. I understand why politicians advocate for it. They are the politicians, so this would make them the masters while the rest of us would be the slaves. But how could ordinary people actually stand up and scream that they want to become slaves to the whims of politicians?

You’re exaggerating, some of you are thinking. I promise you I am not. There are far too many people that see any need or injustice and start screaming at the top of their lungs for a government solution. If you suggest anything other than a government solution, you will hear more screams that you are mean, heartless, selfish, greedy or racist. This week, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas. Right on cue, people who believe government, and ONLY government, is the acceptable response to every possible problem that exists on Earth are screaming bloody murder that the US needs more gun control. Of course that is a euphemism. “Gun control” means the government, and ONLY the government, should decide who may own a gun.

We go through this every time some insane fool gets hold of a gun and kills people. It does no good to point out to the people screaming for more gun control that no rank-and-file citizen has been allowed to own a gun in Chicago for years and years, yet no city has more people killed in gun violence than Chicago. “Gun control” obviously isn’t working. It does no good to point out that the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution was not an accident or the work of gun manufacturers. The founders of our country knew that if only the government could possess guns, then the government would almost instantly change from a Republic to a dictatorship. As long as human beings have existed on this Earth, they have been power-hungry. There is nothing humans lust after more than power – not sex, not money, not possessions, not food, not vices, not anything. Nothing intoxicates humans more than controlling the existence of other humans. Our founders knew this. They were fresh out from under the thumb of the power-drunk king of England, and knew that establishing a structure where the citizens could not defend themselves against the government would doom the structure to instant failure.

If whether or not ordinary people are allowed to own guns is to be decided by government, can’t you see how easy it is for the government to further enslave the people? The politicians will simply add restrictions to gun ownership a little at a time. No, Congress would not pass a bill banning all gun ownership tomorrow. They would just pass something that says, in effect, the mentally ill cannot own guns. Then, the next time there’s a mass shooting, people will call for an expansion of the definition of “mentally ill.” Then when a perfectly sane person who happens to espouse racial supremacy kills a few racial targets, “hate groups” are added. Then over time, the definition of “hate” expands. Considering how many people already believe that anything other than their own slant on things constitutes “hate,” it won’t take very long before only the political class is allowed to own guns. Then, with the people powerless to stop them, the political class enacts any restrictive legislation they please, and bind the people to a life of total dependence on government for everything under the sun.

We don’t want all guns banned, the gun control activist says. You don’t need machine guns. We can just ban them so people can’t kill 50 people at a time. The same principle applies. Who gets to decide what constitutes a machine gun? Who gets to decide how many bullets are allowed? Again, the next time a shooting occurs that is outside the agreed-upon limit, there will be calls to make the limit more strict, until nothing but 6-shooters are legal. Then, when the politicians act on another whim and pass a law an ordinary citizen can’t morally adhere to, the government officials show up with their machine guns to arrest the citizen, who only has his revolver to defend himself against the tyranny.

There is a reason the right to bear arms is the second addition to the Constitution, and not the 10th, or 20th. First and foremost, the founders knew that ensuring the government cannot suppress an individual’s right to speak or assemble and ensuring there is no official national religion were the most basic things needed to prevent the Republic from crashing. They knew the next most important thing was to ensure the people could defend themselves against the government. Again, this was not an accident. Notice that this amendment was added before the right to not incriminate oneself, before the right to a fair trial, or before the right to refuse to house soldiers in your personal dwelling.

You simply cannot have a civilized Republic without allowing the citizens to arm themselves. And please keep in mind this is NOT a democracy, I don’t care what FDR said in 1940. We are not, never have been, and I pray to God never will be. Democracy is mob rule. This is a Republic, a representative government. It is also not an autocracy, where 1 person makes all the decisions. And that’s where America is headed if we continue to insist that only government programs can right wrongs, and if we continue to restrict the citizens’ right to defend themselves against the government. By enacting only government solutions to fix things, we enslave ourselves to the government. Then by restricting the right to bear arms, combined with our total dependence on government for everything, the government can then concentrate all the power in the hands of a few people. Then 1 leader will emerge from that small group, and then we are under a tyrannical dictator.

We cannot let this happen. We must strive with all our effort to find non-government solutions to our problems, and not restrict the right of citizens to defend themselves.