Wow, that Thursday night game was THE definition of ugly. At least I picked the winner correctly. Now for the rest of the week’s picks:

NY Giants at Green Bay (London) – The Pack is treating this as a short business trip, with no room for sightseeing and the like. Most of the team hates it. They’ll probably be all amped up at kickoff. The G-people are exceeding expectations but are still a little short on offense. GB has the defense to shut what little offense they have down. Packers 23, Little People 16

Chicago at Minnesota – Chicago has also exceeded expectations. Dalvin Cook has been my worst fantasy RB in years. Fortunately for the home squad, their passing game is better than advertised. Norwegians 27, Bears 17

Atlanta at Tampa Bay – As a Panthers fan, I’ll be rooting for a 0-0 tie. Brady & the Mrs. have retained divorce lawyers. He shouldn’t be distracted. Kyle Pitts has been my worst fantasy TE in years, and I’m benching him this week. So you know what that means (hint: he’ll go off). Still way too much talent for the home team to lose to these guys. Bucs 27, Falcons 20 

Detroit at New England – Matt Patricia Revenge Game? Maybe, but he clearly has zero idea what he’s doing running the offense. However, they’ll hang in there despite poor game plans and being down to their 47th-string QB. Surprisingly close. Lions 28, Patriots 24 

Houston at Jacksonville – Jax came back down to earth last week, but they’re still the most improved team in the NFL. Lovie Smith might want to consider shaving the Santa Claus beard to shake off bad karma. Jags 31, Texans 17

LA Chargers at Cleveland – So who comes out on top in the battle of a great offense vs a great defense? I’m going to give a slight edge to the home team. I’m sure the outcome of the baseball team’s playoff series will also have a direct effect. Too bad I have to predict this game before the Guardians get going. Browns 33, Clippers 30

Miami at NY Jets – Two more very much improved squads. Lots of controversy about how Tua has been treated. After that hot start, they’re now in a major cooling-off period. J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 23, Fish 20

Pittsburgh at Buffalo – Despite the expected spark of Kenny Pickett getting the QB job, there’s no way Pittsburgh can slow down the Bills offense. They will hang tough, but not win. Buffalo, NC 34, Steelers 24

Seattle at New Orleans – Geno Smith is completing something like 95% of his passes. New Orleans, despite inconsistencies, still seems to be too talented on defense to drop this one. Bet the under, whatever the under is. Aints 20, Seahawks 13

Tennessee at Washington – One of the biggest NFL mysteries so far is how Washington managed to beat Jacksonville in week 1. Titans 23, Commanders 13

Dallas at LA Rams – As goofy as it sounds, it looks like Cooper Rush will never lose a game as a starting QB. Whoever misses on the top 3 college QBs will throw the kitchen sink at Dallas to get him next year. Cowboys 27, Rams 17

Philadelphia at Arizona – My Panthers managed to make Arizona look like title contenders last week. However, the best team in the league is coming to town. Oh, yeah, where are all those “Philly is overrated” talking heads hiding? Eagles 33, Cards 24

Cincinnati at Baltimore – What’s wrong with the Baltimore defense? No one is certain. Cincy has bounced back from the 0-2 start. However, I just can’t see them going into Crabcake Country and coming out with a win. Ravens 23, Bengals 20

Las Vegas at Kansas City (Mon) – Again, where are the talking heads? You know, the ones that were saying, “Tyreek Hill is gone, so KC can’t possibly win any games.” By January, Josh McDaniels will once again be the Patriots offensive coordinator. Chiefs 38, Fakers 14

San Francisco at Carolina – I’m a perfect 0-4 predicting the outcome of my favorite team’s games. What we know for sure is that my Panthers are undisciplined, have questionable game plans, and tight ends who think footballs thrown to them are hot lava rocks shot from volcanoes. There is no reason to expect we will win any more games, with the possible exception of Denver and Pittsburgh – MAYBE. For this week, against a legitimate playoff contender, we should botch enough plays that the game will be over by the second quarter. 49ers 38, panther kittens 9

Last week’s record: 9-7

Season: 30-33-1