Now I’m going after the politicians.

Once again, we the people have to admit we are sheep. The politicians have been pitting us against one another, based on income level, for more than 100 years. And we have bought it, lock, stock & barrel.

What am I talking about? The income tax.

The Constitution of the United States was written very deliberately and carefully. The single biggest problem the colonists had with England was taxation. They were being taxed without any say in the government. They set up a government that was a representative republic, NOT a democracy (another lie for which politicians and media are equally guilty), with minimal government at the Federal level, modest government at the state level and most government at the local level. Under this arrangement, with minimal Federal government, means there would be little funding needed at that national level. So there would be no real need for a Federal income tax. So the Constitution was written without one.

Then came the Great War. As the US was being pulled into World War I, the Federal government needed funds to finance our involvement. Some very evil people suggested the Constitution be amended to allow a Federal income tax. The citizens were fed a load of BS that this tax would be repealed once the war was over, and don’t worry, only “the rich people” will pay the tax. The sheep eagerly lapped up the water, the 16th Amendment was passed, and the Federal Reserve was created to administer the new revenue.

Of course, the war came and went, the government came up with excuse after excuse to keep the tax, use it to pay for other things, increase the percentage of citizens subject to the tax, and increase the percentage of income subject to the tax. Every change that would increase Federal revenue would be accompanied by more rhetoric about getting the money from “the rich.”

The rhetoric grew worse and worse. Next, “the rich” were accused of “not paying their fair share.” The higher your net worth, the more you were cast as evil. “The rich” got “rich by inheriting, stealing, exploiting or otherwise not earning it. Congressman Richard Gephardt of Missouri once referred to wealthy people as people who “won life’s lottery.” So since it’s all luck or ill-gotten, there should be no problem with taking more and more of it in taxes. Eventually, the politicians convinced citizens that the definition of “rich” was “anyone that has more money than me.” Trust me, the politician said to a sheep, I’ll make sure these rich people pay their fair share. I’ll make sure you get some of it.

With everyone with higher net worth now firmly labeled as evil, we have to get the other half of the population in a box. “The poor” are now cast as leeches, perpetually holding their hands out, believing that the “inalienable rights” of the Declaration of Independence means “anything I want from wherever I want.”

Now the politicians sit back, destruction complete. Every citizen now is convinced someone is out to get them, either “rich” people actively oppressing your economic advancement, or the “poor” out to steal you blind.

It’s enough to make me want to puke.