A Facebook friend posted one of those pics with that “Anonymous” character, and the caption was, “Am I the only one around here that thinks the media is responsible for the racial divide in this country?” My comment on her posting this was, “Oh, don’t get me started. Now I’m going to have to blog about it.”

The caption is right – the media is responsible. Most media outlets are simply evil these days. So are most of the politicians. I’m going to take both groups to task. WARNING: Everything I say from this point on will be highly offensive to 50% of the people who read it. I COULD NOT CARE LESS.

First off, let me say up front that there is no such thing as unbiased reporting. FOX News can call themselves “fair and balanced” all they want, but they are just as biased as everyone else. They just happen to be biased for the opposite side of most media outlets. But it is human beings doing the reporting. Every person has a viewpoint, and it is a physical impossibility for them to completely remove their bias from their work. But none of them even try. Instead, they pour all of their bias into their work, and most don’t think they are there to inform the public, they think they are there to order the public how to think. And too many of us blindly accept what is being put forth, without applying any of our own critical thinking. There’s a reason that God keeps referring to us in the Bible as sheep. Sheep are the stupidest animals of all time. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. They follow the rest of the herd, even if it’s off a cliff. A lot of humans do that too. Reporters are aware of this, and keep shoveling their stuff out there, knowing the masses are just going to go to work the next day and parrot what they just heard to anyone else who happens to be in the break room at the same time. This is very dangerous, especially in regard to how people of different racial makeups interact. If any racism is evident, magnify it. Report it as if it will end civilization as we know it if we don’t follow their orders on how to fix it. If there’s no racism evident, make some up. Keep people of different races fighting each other, so more bad news can be reported. Bad news means more viewers, subscribers and mouse clicks, which means more advertising revenue. So keep the racial fires burning.

Nowhere is this more evident than the coverage of President-Elect Trump’s assembly of his administration. Every white male nominated for a cabinet position is dissected for any hints of racism. Steve Bannon is the easy target. Is he racist? I have no idea; I’ve never met the man. Is the website he used to run racist? There appears to be evidence that it is. Does that influence how he will function in Trump’s White House? Perhaps. But he doesn’t wield any real power. But if he really does hate all blacks and Jews like the majority of the media says he does, he’s going to have a hard time hiding it with Ben Carson in the cabinet. I think Bannon is smarmy and his presence in the White House troubling, but I don’t think he’s in any position to cause any real damage. And of course, there’s the issue of all those associated with the Ku Klux Klan that are thrilled out of their minds that Trump won. This proves that Trump is racist, right? This shows that black people must once again live in fear for their lives every time they step outside, just like at the turn of the 20th century, right? I just don’t think “guilty by association” applies here. Just because the KKK loves Trump doesn’t automatically mean that Trump likes the KKK. “Well, what about all the veiled racism Trump used on the campaign trail? He told blacks their lives were awful, that they all live in ghettos, nobody is getting an education and everybody’s black kids are criminals. Isn’t that racism?” It could be, but I think it was just political pandering, something every politician does at every level of government. It’s the way they campaign now – “You have to vote for me, because my opponent is evil. Look at all the destruction around you! It’s because of my opponent! You need me to fix this!” I think he pushed it harder than Republicans normally do because he thought he needed more than the typical share of the black vote (usually about 7% of blacks vote Republican) to win the swing states. What he ended up doing was convincing a larger-than-normal percentage of blacks to not vote at all, which was as big a factor in Clinton losing than anything Trump did. But blacks sitting out the election isn’t anywhere near as juicy as the “Trump is racist” storyline, so the media went full force with that. And it is working. I have talked to a number of black people who truly think their lives are in danger with this guy as President. I’m not saying Trump is completely innocent here. But I do think the concern has been overblown by the media, which doesn’t want improved race relations because it might mean less money for them.

Politicians will be exposed in the next post.