The one real drag about this big day is that, like everything else these days, there is a ton of politics playing out in an area that should be separate from politics. CBS, every bit as much a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party as ABC, NBC, CNN and just about all of the 50 largest newspapers, is doing the bidding of their political overlords. They rejected a pro-legal weed ad for the game. With no particular rooting interest in the game itself, the one thing that would make me scream and yell and jump up & down is if I see one second of advertising for prescription drugs. For the corporate tyrants to reject a legal pot ad but approve a “legal drug” ad during the 4 most expensive ad hours of the year would be the ultimate proof that Chris Rock was right when he said “They (government) don’t care if you’re addicted to drugs. They just don’t want you addicted to your drugs. They want you addicted to THEIR drugs.” So we’ll see how that plays out. We’ll also see if Doritos can continue their 20-some year run of always having the best Super Bowl commercials. Oh, yeah, there’s a game being played as well.

LA Rams vs New England – CBS SportsLine simulated the game 10,000 times. The average final score: Patriots 29, Rams 28. That feeds the expectation that it’s going to be a close game. There was lots of talk in December that Brady was just about done, not at his customary elite level. He’s destroyed that talk in the playoffs. I do think the Rams will be able to have more offensive success than they did against New Orleans, but ol’ #12 is clearly not done, and I think he’ll manage to get his sixth ring. Patriots 31, Rams 28 

Last week’s record: 1-1

Season: 163-103