Part 3 of 3

After you assess your situation and assign the steps of a plan to get things back on track, it’s time to act.

I mentioned accountability at the end of part II. That is essential. It’s very easy to blame circumstances or other people when you realize you are off track. But what good does that do? Circumstances are out of your control. Even if other people have done things to sabotage your plans, you can’t force them to change. You can beg and plead and bargain and whatnot, but ultimately you cannot control the thoughts and actions of others. So your assignments in your plan can only be assigned to yourself. You are only in control of your own thoughts and actions. You can certainly enlist some family, friends, coaches or others to ensure you are held accountable for your actions, just keep in mind that it is YOU that can and will turn things around.

In my re-commitment to weight loss, I need to go back to the parameters that helped me lose 67 pounds in the 8 months after my surgery (which, if you’re not scoring at home, indicates I was shedding at least 1,000 calories a day!). I mentioned the normal goal of 80 grams of protein a day, and that I need to go for 90-100 to avoid things like being sent home from the plasma center because the protein in my blood is too low. Another area of focus is sugar. I’ve written about this before too, but I never grow tired of telling it to people: Fat is NOT your #1 enemy. Sugar is your #1 enemy. Of course you want to avoid saturated and trans fat whenever possible, but polyunsaturated fat, such as the fat found in nuts and eggs, is beneficial. Sugar – and carbohydrates, which immediately convert to sugar in the digestion process – does nothing but get stored as fat. When you see a “fat-free” version of a product in the grocery store, run. Fast. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Those “fat-free” products have been loaded down with sugar to compensate for the removed fat. The regular version is better for you than the fat-free version. That being said, you’re better off avoiding both of them.

Part of the post-surgery plan is that you never consume more than 40 grams of sugar in a day, and never more than 7 grams at any one time. This eliminates about 95% of all breakfast cereal in existence. Even many of the “healthy” varieties have at least 8 grams of sugar per serving. For me, I’m going to be more strict as I try to get back on track – limit sugar to 30 grams a day and 5 at any one time.

As I’ve been saying, these principles also apply to business. After you assess the state of your business and assign yourself a plan to make necessary changes, you then need to act on them. Are you seeing a slowdown in revenue because you have to spend time doing administrative tasks? Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a good action to take. A good VA will take some things off your plate so you can get the business moving forward or faster as needed. You can use a VA to add articles to your website or posts for your blog, or newsletters to send to your email list.  Contact Us and let’s discuss how we can work together to make things happen.