Check out this pithy challenge to do the thing that scares you.

OK, challenge accepted. Here’s one where I know I’m not the only one. Who else goes into a networking event or any other situation where you have to be energetic, outward-focused and engaging, and equates it to something like this?


OK, now that we’ve established that… Here are some conversation-starters that can be used to get the ol’ engine cranked up.

Those of you that are naturally at ease in these situations, please don’t look down on those of us who are not. It takes all kinds to make a world. People on both sides of this equation can use these scenarios to start meaningful discussions.

  1. Do you prefer people to “read” your mood rather than telling them how you feel? Explain.
  2. Describe a time when you had trouble dealing with change. Explain why.
  3. Share a time when you based self-expectations on what someone else did. Why?
  4. Describe the last incidence when you thought “that’s just not fair.” What did you do next?
  5. Tell us about the last time you underestimated your abilities. How and why?
  6. Describe the last time you over estimated your abilities. How and why?
  7. Share a time when someone expected too much of you. How did you react and feel?
  8. Describe a time when someone disappointed you. Explain why you felt disappointed.
  9. When something unfair happens, how do you keep from dwelling on it?
  10. What things do you consider when setting an expectation for yourself?
  11. Have you ever felt that you “let someone down”? Explain how and why.
  12. Describe the last time you felt guilty because you let someone down. Explain why.
  13. Why and how do others usually expect too much from/of you?
  14. In what areas do others tend to under estimate what you can do? Why?
  15. What 3 things do you need to change to set realistic expectations for yourself? Why?
  16. What circumstances do you wish you could change today? Why today?
  17. What mindset or attitude would help you change situation? How and why?
  18. Describe a difficult circumstance in your life that changed. How and what was the result?
  19. If you could create a custom “opportunity” to change your circumstances, what would it be and how would things change?
  20. Describe 3 less than happy situations that ended up making you a better person. How?
  21. Explain how changing your mindset/attitude helped to change a situation. How & why?
  22. What’s the most meaningful, inner change you experienced? Explain why & share tips.
  23. Share a time when you made a small change and it had a huge impact on a situation. Explain how you felt and why the impact was so great.
  24. Why shouldn’t you dwell on the circumstances you want to change? Explain.
  25. Share a time when you overcame your circumstances. What strengths developed?
  26. Describe a time when you wished you could switch places with someone. Why wouldn’t it have worked out well?
  27. How has a situation affected you negatively? How did determination help you?
  28. How did a poor choice affect your past. How did a good choice change your future?
  29. What 3 things can you do today to begin making positive changes for your future? How?
  30. Whether life changes are positive, negative, or somewhere in between, how do you adapt to constantly changing situations effectively?