Notre Dame is a contender. I hate Notre Dame, so that’s a bad thing. With UGA likely cruising to an undefeated regular season, ND losing to them keeps looking better. I expect them to lose when they play at Miami, but if they manage to pull that one out, they might end with just 1 loss and knock the Pac 12 AND Big XII winners out of the playoff.

Go ahead and get it over with – fire Butch Jones now and don’t torture him or the players by forcing them to go through 4 more games just for “continuity.” He’s in over his head, he has no idea how to fix this, and the players know it. The problem is, you either hire a washed-up retread or wait through the early signing period with no HC until the guy you really want coaches his bowl game. A lose-lose either way. And just to add injury to insult, over by the Misipi River, Riley Ferguson is laughing his @%$(& off.
Dr. Hekyl & Mr. Jyde (that’s a Men At Work reference, if you don’t recognize it). This is Misipi State. They destroy LSU and Kentucky, and they get torched by Auburn. If nothing else, Dan Mullen has built up enough goodwill that he should avoid danger at least through next year, as long as they make a decent bowl.
There’s no place like road. In case you weren’t aware, since Texas A&M entered the SEC for the 2012 season, the road team has won every meeting between A&M and Auburn. They meet in College Station next week. I’d certainly be happy for the trend to hold up.
It’s lonely at the top, sort of. ‘Bama and Georgia are going to meet in the SEC title game, and there’s about a 99% chance they will both be 12-0, and there’s almost nothing anyone can do to stop it. And as good as the Dawgs are, they will end up wearing down by the end of the game.
1.       Alabama – No challengers in their division of their conference.
2.       Georgia – See #1 above.
3.       Penn State – Test 1 passed. Epic showdown this week.
4.       TCU – Cruising along with yet another strong defense.
5.       Wisconsin – Probably on cruise control to the Big 14 title game.
6.      Ohio State – This week we find out if the Oklahoma game was the exception or the rule for big games.
7.       Miami – Full of drama, but full of wins also.
8.       Oklahoma – Now THAT’S a normal Big XXII game.
9.       Clempson – Their problem is being in a terrible conference.
10.   Notre Dame – They’re just 2 points from being unbeaten. Have to respect that.
11.   Oklahoma State – Should have rolled over Texas. Bedlam is a worry for them.
12.   Washington – Hoping to win out until the Apple Cup.
13.   Virginia Tech – Looking like VT of old – stifling defense, excellent kicking game.
14.   South Florida – Last game of the season is going to be a lot of fun.
15.   Central Florida – See #14 above.
16.   NC State – Can they beat the Irish under Touchdown Jesus as they did under a hurricane?
17.   Michigan State – Indiana came thaaaat close to conquering the state of Michigan.
18.   Washington State – See #12 above.
19.   LSU – OK, they’re back.
20.   Auburn – See #19 above.
21.   Stanford – Recovering from earlier missteps.
22.   West Virginia – Will Grier managed to find a good home.
23.   Memphis – Riley Ferguson may end up getting some
24.   Michigan – Loved Harbaugh after PSU game – “The back is good, as advertised.”
25.   USC – See you in the Obscurity Bowl.

Not far away – Iowa State, Texas A&M, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Misipi State

The Absolute Worst – UTEP, Georgia Southern, Baylor, Charlotte