Know your role. If you hung around Nashville last week, you were pretty certain that the rest of the world had missed the memo and Vanderbilt, not ‘Bama, was the undisputed best team in the world. By the time there were 5 minutes left in the first quarter, the record had been set straight. As much as I hate ‘Bama, I didn’t feel so bad about what they did to Vandy. Now they know that beating Middle Tennessee State and Kansas State doesn’t make you king of the world.

Know your role II. Everyone jumped on the Jerry Clower U bandwagon after they dismantled LSU. Perhaps that was only because LSU isn’t nearly as good as it was during the Les Miles days. This Bulldog match was all red & black. Like Vandy, MSU now knows it’s not a title contender, just a contender for a decent bowl.

Welcome to 2017. Nice to see Auburn display the balanced, big-play offense that was advertised, albeit against the worst team in the conference. Mizzou didn’t solve any problems firing their DC. They have offensive issues too, mainly their QB is fairly good, which isn’t good enough in this league. Auburn now goes home to face the Misipi schools, which should leave them at 5-1 when they seek their first win at LSU in about 500 years.

The more things change, the more they don’t. For all the interesting battles so far, you have to say ‘Bama and Georgia are the overwhelming favorites to meet in Atlanta for the title game. Auburn, A&M and Misipi State are too inconsistent to knock off ‘Bama and Tennessee and Florida are too inconsistent to take down the Dawgs. For my team’s part, I would not be surprised to see them 9-1 when Georgia rolls into town and see them end the year 9-3 and playing in the Music City Bowl. Let’s home some consistency develops before then.

My school stinks. It stinks so bad, it is now the undisputed worst team in the NCAA. We are 0-4, including home losses to bad FCS team NC A&T and every bad FBS team Georgia State. There is nothing standing in the way of an 0012 season.

1. Alabama – will now be on cruise control until the Iron Bowl
2. Clemson – Slow start, but comfortable win over BC.
3. Penn State – something about Saturday night games in Iowa. But PSU survives.
4. Oklahoma – punished for giving up 41 points to Baylor.
5. Michigan – Like PSU, survived against an improving Purdue team.
6. USC – Took care of business on the road, Pac-12 South leader by a long shot.
7. Georgia – Clear front-runners in SEC East
8. Washington – Good win in the middle of a typhoon.
9. Wisconsin – Had the week off.
10. TCU – Dominating win to knock Ok. State out of the title picture.
11. Virginia Tech – Making their case that there are 2 elite teams in the ACC after all.
12. Ohio State – Now they go to conference play to see if Oklahoma was the exception or the rule.
13. Miami – Best team in the state of Florida?
14. Auburn – Finally showed capabilities against a rotten Mizzou team.
15. South Florida – Charlie Strong found a nice, soft place to land with a good team.
16. Washington State – looks like the Apple Cup will decide the Pac 12 North.
17. Utah – Under the radar as usual.
18. West Virginia – A great team to follow if you like total yards from scrimmage.
19. Oklahoma State – So many holes on defense. So much for Bedlam deciding a place in the conference title game.
20. Notre Dame – did Mike Golic and the Mich. St. grads make a bet this year?
21. Louisville – Will now work on getting a New Year’s 6 bowl.
22. San Diego State – Best Group of 5 schools?
23. Texas Tech – The old TTU QB seems to be building something in Lubbock.
24. Florida – Great poise in comeback in Kentucky.
25. LSU – Still finding their way now that competition has risen up.

Not far away – Memphis, Tennessee, Colorado, Kentucky

The Absolute Worst – Charlotte, Baylor, Temple, Florida Atlantic, Florida International