That sinking feeling when you know you are with a total loser – how else can you describe a college team from the school you went to dropping a game to a severely inferior opponent? The Charlotte 49ers made the greatest claim to “worst team in America” in amazing fashion with a loss at HOME to poor-performing FCS team NC A&T. No loss, not even one in the first year of the program, has ever been as bad as this. It is time for Judy Rose to begin searching for the program’s second head coach now.

Is this ever going to go correctly? Auburn still doesn’t look like much of anything, despite having two really awful teams on the schedule. If the offense doesn’t get moving soon, Gus is going to join Sumlin, and perhaps Belluma and Butch Jones, in looking for new homes next summer.

There are lots of questions in the middle of the pack. I think we know that ‘Bama is clearly the best, and Auburn’s defense keeps it in the second tier, which also includes Georgia, Florida and Misipi State. I think it’s also obvious that Mizzou and Misipi are downright awful. That leaves LSU, Texas A&M, Ar-Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and Vandy – 7 teams – in the middle of the pack that we just aren’t sure about. And of course, these teams will spend a lot of time playing each other, which will make separating them even harder. I don’t think Vandy will last, and this week’s game with the Evil Empire will begin their slide downward. If Auburn struggles severely, or manages to lose, at Missouri, you can drop them out of the second tier and look for them to end the year in some exotic destination like Shreveport for their bowl game.

Observer Rick Bonnell tweeted on Sunday that college needs to watch the NFL to figure out how to end a football game in 3 hours. Plenty of adjustments can accomplish that, such as eliminating the clock stoppage on all first downs. Following the NFL model of restarting the clock after the ball is set on out-of-bounds plays up until 5 minutes left in each half, and certainly getting rid of the absolutely stupid overtime procedure. As I replied to Rick’s tweet, even if they don’t want to change the rules, at least convince the stupid network schedule makers to give up the fantasy that 4-hour games will magically start finishing in 3 hours, and stop scheduling game broadcasts in 3-hour windows. The USC-Texas game was a lot of fun to watch. But even without overtime, the dadgum thing was 3.5 hours long. Why are network schedulers the only ones who don’t realize that is the NORMAL time of a college game these days???????

1. Alabama – No news here.
2. Oklahoma – See #1 above.
3. Clempson – See #2 above.
4. Penn State – See #3 above.
5. Michigan – See #4 above.
6. USC – Watching 4-hour games is tiring, but that was a fun one Saturday night. Darnald is a great QB.
7. Oklahoma State – A great effort, but it was mainly indictment #386 against the quality of the ACC.
8. Washington – See #5 above.
9. Wisconsin – See #8 above.
10. Georgia – See #9 above.
11. Virginia Tech – See #10 above.
12. Ohio State – Conference play could prove difficult if they don’t put inferior teams away earlier.
13. Miami – Benefited from higher-ranked teams getting clocked this week.
14. Iowa – The mid-game stumble against ISU notwithstanding, this is a pretty good team in a very good conference.
15. Auburn – Offense still awful. Defense makes this the #3 team in the SEC.
16. Florida State – See #12 above.
17. South Florida – See #16 above.
18. Washington State – See #17 above.
19. Utah – Flying under the radar in a tough Pac 12.
20. Colorado – We know less about them than Utah.
21. Florida – The maligned QB earns a lot of credit for that winning throw.
22. West Virginia – Waiting to see how they handle the Oklahoma schools.
23. Maryland – Texas might be a better win than originally thought.
24. Misipi State – Big win for Clower’s Cowbell Crew.
25. Oregon – Working their way back.

Not far away – Louisville, UCLA, Kansas State, San Diego State, Tennessee

The Absolute Worst – Baylor, Charlotte, Rutgers, Georgia State, East Carolina