Mercy killing. Butch Jones was finished at UT about a month ago. No one knows why the UT brass let his tail dangle in the breeze until they had no choice after getting drilled by the worst team in the league in 2016. Now, there’s a lot of talk about getting Lane Kiffin back, believing he has matured since his lone dumpster fire of a season at UT. I’m not buying it. There was this thing about 10 months ago, when Nick Saban walked into his OC’s office and found him working on his new Florida Atlantic gig instead of the upcoming playoff game for ‘Bama. I don’t think he’s grown all that much.

Again, we know nothing. Even the most optimistic Auburn fan would never believe going in that Auburn would destroy UGA so thoroughly, to the tune of 46 yards rushing. There’s excitement, as Auburn will be in the playoff if they win out. But on the other hand, if we hadn’t pretty much decided to kneel for 3 plays and punt the entire second half, we would have beaten LSU and would be fighting for #1 right now. But first up, we can ruin the season for #1 ‘Bama just like in 2013.

The SEC is still the best in the world. There was a lot of talk the last year or so about the ACC catching up. That was absolute nonsense. The last 4 years, the ACC has been Clempson and everybody else. This year, it’s Clempson, Miami and everybody else. With 2 weeks to play, the title game participants in Charlotte have already been determined. One of them will make the playoff, the other will not. It is still conceivable that the SEC has 2 teams (if ‘Bama wins the Iron Bowl and UGA wins the SEC title game by 1 point, they and ‘Bama could still both get in). But aside from all that, which top 4 would you take – ‘Bama, Auburn, UGA and LUS or Clempson, Miami, Virginia Tech and NC State? Yeah, I thought so.

Who started this crap? Remember when the Saturday before Thanksgiving was rivalry day? Ohio State-Michigan, Nebraska-Oklahoma, Georgia-Georgia Tech, and Florida-Florida State were usually played on that day. Now the big rivalries are played out on Thanksgiving weekend, which is fine, but the Saturday before Thanksgiving is now – at least in the SEC – used as a glorified bye week against Directional Tech A,M & T State U. Of course, there are benefits. The number of people suffering from insomnia should decrease by at least 20% this week after watching these games. Or the games watching them, if you will. 
Power Rankings
1.   Alabama – With 2 weeks left, if you’re a Power 5 team with no losses, you are ahead of every team with losses. Period.
2.  Miami – See #1 above.
3.   Wisconsin – See #2 above.

4.   Oklahoma – Best 1-loss team, really rolling.
5. Clempson – Worst loss of any top 10 team.
6.  Auburn – Would be #4 if they had beaten LUS, as they should have.
7.  Central Florida –  Unbeaten, but no Power 5 wins keeps the 0-loss logic from applying.
8.   Georgia – Still has outside shot at playoff.
9.  Washington State – Best team west of Norman left.
10.   Notre Dame – Not a good time to not show up for a game.
11.   Ohio State – Last game to determine division winner. Nice!
12.   USC – Still hanging around. 
13.   TCU  – Still good, just not Oklahoma good.
14.   Penn State – Good rebound from 2 tough losses.
15.   Oklahoma State – Coach Hair needs to recruit some defensive guys.
16.   Memphis – Only loss to UCF. Great personal comeback for the Charlotte QB Ferguson.
17.   LSU – Loss to Troy seems like long ago.
18.   Misipi State – Just ran out of gas at the end. Mullen is still COY in the SEC.
19.   South Florida – Flowers is a fun QB to watch.
20.   West Virginia – Just a shade below the top part of the Little 10 conference.
21.   USC – Up-and-down team is up this week.
22.   Virginia Tech – Just outside the top level of the conference.
23.   Michigan – See #11 above.
24.   Washington – What little hope of relevance they had was stomped out. By themselves.
25.   Michigan State – See #24 above.

Not far away – Stanford, Northwestern, Arizona, Boise St, Iowa
The Absolute Worst – UTEP, Georgia Southern,  San Jose St, Kansas, Rice