Some can’t handle prosperity. That would be the guys from the state with blue grass. They get their 6th win in the month of October for all of the 3rd time in school history, have a slumping team minus their starting QB coming to their house, and they blow it. If they beat the teams they are supposed to beat, this team finds itself in a January 1 bowl. If they keep dropping winnable games like last week, they wind up in some booming metropolis like Shreveport.

Who’s in? I recently laid out a worst-case scenario for the selection committee where all the teams you think should be in lose a game or two. It’s working out that way in some places. Penn State and Ohio State now have 2 losses. If Michigan State loses to Ohio State this week, the Big 14 is left to pin their hopes on Wisconsin going undefeated and hoping to not get punished for their rotten schedule. Iowa State is now out of the discussion from the Little 10. The entire conference is cooked if Oklahoma and TCU end up in the title game, and whoever loses their game this week wins the title game. The SEC could be a mess if UGA beats Auburn this week, and then Auburn turns around and beats ‘Bama in 2 weeks, then ‘Bama beats UGA in the title game. Suppose Miami loses to Notre Dame, then comes back and beats Clempson in the ACC title game? There is no Pac 12 team in the top 10. And then the Irish could get taken down by Stanford. You gotta love this game!
The mind is a terrible thing. I realize Saturday morning that I forgot to post my predictions last week. I hope you will trust me when I say I only missed 2 games. I picked Kentucky and Florida to win. The rest of the games didn’t require all that much super-power to predict. LUS hasn’t beaten ‘Bama since 2010, the road team has won every Auburn-Texas A&M game, the non-conference games were obvious. They say memory is the second thing to go. I just can’t remember what the first thing is.

Power Rankings

1.       Georgia – To me, there is little difference between 1 and 2.
2.       Alabama – See #1 above.
3.       Notre Dame – The Closet Catholics are emerging from the shadows.
4.       Oklahoma – Baker Mayfield. Need I say more?
5.       Clempson – Showing the grit to toughen out big games.
6.       Wisconsin – Well, if Florida Atlantic wins out, Bucky has 1 quality win.
7.       TCU  – Facing Oklahoma, with a rematch likely later.
8.       Miami – Not pretty, but still undefeated.
9.       Washington – Hard to tell how good they are with a rotten conference around them.
10.   Auburn – Easy on all the “Auburn can make a mess of things!” talk. No wins over UGA or ‘Bama since 2010.
11.   Central Florida –  Oh to be Scott Frost, where you can sit back and be begged for by 4-8 suitors.
12.   Michigan State – Anybody NOT want to see them lose to OSU and throw the Big 14 into total mayhem?
13.   Washington State – See #9 above.
14.   Oklahoma State – Entertaining to be sure, but what do you say about a team that gives up 62 in a footballgame?
15.   Misipi State – Dan Mullen is SEC Coach of the Year, hands down.
16.   Ohio State – Who sent the Ohio U Bobcats to Iowa? OSU can still crash Sparty’s party.
17.   Penn State – Two very close losses. The program is fully back from the 2011 scandal.
18.   Memphis – If I were Riley Ferguson, I would howl with laughter every time the Vols are mentioned.
19.   LSU – Hung with ‘Bama pretty good, but they still lack elite QB play.
20.   Virginia Tech – Didn’t show up for the Miami game.
21.   Michigan – Hanging around waiting for Ohio State to arrive.
22.   Iowa State – Still a nice surprising team, maybe arrived a year ahead of time.
23.   South Florida – Hoping to spoil the party for the other directional Florida team.
24.    West Virginia – Nice bounce-back against the Cyclones.
25.    Toledo – How ‘bout this MAC-tastic squad!

Not far away – Troy, Florida Atlantic, Arizona, NC State, Stanford
The Absolute Worst – Georgia Southern, UTEP, San Jose State, Coastal Carolina, Kansas