College football season goes too fast. They really need to go to 14 games. The bye week needs to be abolished. These are kids; they don’t need as much rest as 35-year-old grizzled vets. I think there’s a better chance of all that once the ACC, SEC, Big 10 and Pac 12 expand to 16 teams. Yes, I think they will – the SEC will grab the Oklahoma schools, the Big 10 will take the Kansas schools, the Pac 12 will take the 4 Texas schools out of the Big XII, and the ACC will convince Notre Dame to join full-time and take West Virginia (as they will have little choice). They can then go to 14 games with 10 conference games and 4 non-conference, so schools like Charlotte can still come visit and get a $500,000 check in exchange for the 77-3 beating. You’ll think about this while watching similar beatings in the SEC this week.  
‘Bama at Tennessee – Beating #1 – despite a big win against a big Alabama school last week, Tennessee sees up close and personal how far apart the two big Alabama schools are. The Evil Empire 48, Vols 20
Tulsa at Ar-Kansas – After enduring multiple beatings this year, Ar-Kansas gets to beat up on someone for a change. Pigs 45, Tulsa 13
Vanderbilt at Kentucky – One of the few non-beatings on the schedule. Vandy has fight in them, even when they’re short on talent. UK has had an extra week to prepare. Briers 23, Vandy 17
Memphis at Missouri – “I went to Columbia, MO to see a football game, and a pinball game broke out.” Mizzou 49, Memphis 30
Misipi State at LSU – The other non-beating on the schedule. LSU is wearing color-changing helmets. That might be just enough to throw Nick Fitzgerald off. LSU 24, Jerry Clower U 21
Auburn at Misipi – The one thing the Rebs can do is score points. The one thing Auburn can’t seem to do (at least against high-level competition) is score points. I just can’t see any way they will be able to keep up with this machine on The Grove. Misipi 40, war eagle 23
Charlotte at Middle Tennessee State – My school has an outside chance at a bowl game. The easiest path to that game is to beat the 3 teams of its remaining 6 that have the same 3-3 records it does – Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss and Middle Tennessee. (Florida International and Marshall are 4-2, and our other game is at Tennessee.) Every media outlet I can find thinks much more highly of MTSU than you would expect of a 3-3 team. Everyone thinks they will be in a bowl. Plus, our QB is out for the year. In addition, this is a team we never play well against, especially in their place. While a bowl would be nice, it’s already been a much better season than last year. MTSU 33, 49ers 10
Last week’s record: 5-2
Season: 60-12