Little-known fact (at least to me): There is an early signing period in December for recruits to sign letters-of-intent. Word is that Rocky Bottom has no interest in a coaching change before season’s end, fearing it would wreck the start of the signing of their class. However, if you are on a completely rudderless ship that is floating aimlessly in the sea, do you let it sit there or do you hire a new captain as quickly as possible? Either option is going to put the Vols in a hole. But what if you have no hope of winning your division and the best you can hope for is 9 wins and maybe a New Year’s 6 bowl? That’s a question the Vols AD has to ask himself. And Jay Jacobs, for that matter, because Auburn is in an identical situation in the SEC West. Fortunately, there aren’t many doubts in picking this week’s games.

Tennessee at ‘Bama – They can’t hold Butch Jones responsible for this one. He should channel his inner John McKay after the game and say, “What we needed was Knute Rockne, and he was not here.” The Evil Empire 56, Rocky Bottom 7

LSU at Misipi – Has the ship been righted? Ask me in 2 weeks when they go to West Birmingham to play the Tide. LSU 34, Misipi 13

Kentucky at Misipi St – If UK wants to be called a top 25 team, it must win games like this. I say they are not ready. Jerry Clower U 23, Briars 20

Idaho at Missouri – After actually showing a pulse between the hedges, a Sun Belt conference team comes to see if it was temporary. Mizzou 31, Vandals 10

Auburn at Ar-Kansas – Lots of hand-wringing from us Auburn fans this week. But this Hogs team is really terrible. They have to rely on the passing game, which to their coach is akin to asking him to drink battery acid. Bounce-back time. WAR EAGLE 33, Pigs 27

BONUS: UAB at Charlotte – It’s the Edgar Bowl, where my brother’s school comes to Charlotte to play my school. Unfortunately, my school’s 2017 team is worse than its 2012 team – that’s the year before we started playing. Blazers 27, 49ers 3

Last week’s record: 5-3
Season: 58-14