It’s the halfway mark of the season. Man, this stuff happens so fast! Speaking of fast, fortunately, that was a descriptive word for the latest hurricane. Thank heaven for that. While I’m never grateful for the death and destruction a hurricane brings, I’m grateful for this one, because it FINALLY blew summer weather out of here. I was starting to think I was going to be wearing shorts at Christmas like I was in Florida or something. It’s finally in the 50s at night, almost cool enough to wear sweat pants when I have to run errands before the sun comes up. ALMOST. Let’s get to the autumn games.
Missouri at ‘Bama – Yet another case of a decent team that is easy to root for that is about 47 miles away from being able to beat these devils. Oh, well, the matchup with Georgia will be here soon enough. The Evil Empire 51, Mizzou 24
Misipi at Ar-Kansas – If you really try to watch this game following the ball every play, all game long, you’re probably going to injure your neck. I think I’ll push my computer back a few inches and just watch the cameras try to keep up. When these schools play in basketball, I’m willing to bet fewer points are scored. Misipi 59, Pigs 45 
Texas A&M at South Carolina – These 2 played in the first game after Johnny Manziel left. Everyone thought it would be a thriller. It was a blowout. This one might be the nail-biter we were expecting back then. Going with the road team in a minor upset. A&M 27, Fightin’ Chickens 24
Florida at Vanderbilt – Well, look who’s back in a position of relevance. And look who still isn’t. Lizards 34, Vandy 13
Georgia at LSU – Game of the week – for about a half. The talent gap is still too big. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 33, LSU 19
Tennessee at Auburn – This is a chance to heal some wounds, as the former DC of the Evil Empire has a long way to go. WAR EAGLE 31, Rocky Bottom 13
Western Kentucky at Charlotte – These 2 are peers. And with FIU, Marshall and Middle Tennessee improving, this may be our last shot at a win. I may be betting with my heart here, but I think we pull it off. 49ers 26, Hilltoppers 23
Last week’s record: 6-1
Season: 55-10