We have almost a full slate of games this week, with only the Kentucky Briars taking an off week. We now know that we know little or nothing about LSU, SC or Florida. We wonder how long the Almighty will punish Vandy for their arrogance. Georgia still has not faced a real team, and that includes this week. And how do you pick with your head rather than your heart when your team is on a major roll?

Ar-Kansas at ‘Bama – The Hogs were torched by SC. Do you really think they have a chance here? The Evil Empire 59, Pigs 3

Texas A&M at Florida – Come to think of it, we don’t know much about A&M either. We expected them to get torched last week, and they still had a chance to win until about 3 minutes left. Florida has no clue how to handle prosperity, but they seem to handle adversity well. Lizards 23, A&M 21

Missouri at Georgia – OK, so Mizzou can score – when they aren’t playing an elite defense. Remember what happened when Auburn came to town? See that final score for reference. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 47, Mizzou 17

Vanderbilt at Misipi – Forget the week. This is the Who Cares Game of All Time. Vandy 19, Rebel Sharks 17

BYU at Misipi St – CBS guru Jerry Palm says BYU is going bowling. I don’t see it. I don’t see them getting out of Starkville with their skin intact either. Jerry Clower U 31, Mormons 13

South Carolina at Tennessee – SC put together a complete game last week. They rarely do well in Knoxville. The Vols will be angry, like LSU was last week. But angry does no good if you don’t have good coaching to direct it. Fightin’ Chickens 27, Rocky Bottom 20

Auburn at LSU – I think the last time Auburn won in Louisiana was about 15 years after Noah’s flood dried up. But if Troy and Florida can hold them to 21 or under, this defense could shut them out. WAR EAGLE 23, bengal cubs 13

BONUS: Charlotte at Western Kentucky – WKU is going bowling. My school might be going coach hunting. This will get very ugly very fast. Hilltoppers 53, 49ers 7

Last week’s record: 5-2
Season: 53-11