It’s October and summer weather is never going to leave. September has to have been the most humid month in NC history. It’s actually 90 degrees in the first week of October. Dadgum global warming. On the football field, a whole bunch of teams are finishing the first half of their season already. College football needs to go to 14 games. Speaking of games….
Bama at Ar-Kansas – Remember when SMU came off the death penalty and had to play run-and-shoot Houston, who darn near put up a C-note on them? I can see the same thing happening here. It will be in the neighborhood at least. The Evil Empire 70, Pigs 0
UL Monroe at Misipi – Another one of the 147 state schools in the state just west of Misipi comes calling for a paycheck. Misipi 41, Which Louisiana School Is it Anyway 10
Missouri at South Carolina – A rested team visits a wounded team. These wounded teams tend to have big bounce-backs. But there’s a lot of offense on the side of the rested team. I suspect a track meet might break out, or something close. Fightin’ Chickens 28, Mizzou 27
Kentucky at Texas A&M – Welcome to Kentucky – a football school! OK, just kidding. I came away very impressed last week. This is a much bigger environment, but they’ve already conquered one of those. Jimbo was probably hell to live with this week after all those blown opportunities last week, and I’m sure they’ll be ready. But if UK can get Snell rolling and keep the ball, the magical run will continue. Notice I said “if.” I’m not sure they can repeat the Swamp win. A&M 23, Briers 21
LSU at Florida – So Offensive Guru Mullen has his guys playing great D. They should hold down LSU, but will they hold them all the way down? Somehow I doubt it. LSU has a stout defense too, and a guy they call Greedy. The kicker is the hero again. LSU 17, Lizards 16
Vanderbilt at Georgia – The Nashville guys beat Tennessee State by one score. They’ll be very lucky to get one score in this one. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 38, Vandy 7
Auburn at Misipi State – Neither team has established any offensive rhythm despite each having an Offense Guru as a coach. I don’t think either gets rolling against these defenses. It’s very even. The problem is that Auburn wins here about once every solar eclipse. I see nothing in this squad that can break the pattern. Jerry Clower U 16, war eagle 10
BYE WEEK at Charlotte – Things were going so well. A 2-1 record and a trip to a not-so-good team, and…. Well, a scoring blitz and revenge game later, we’re 2-3 and we can forget about any ideas we had about sneaking into a bowl bid. Next week offers an opportunity as another struggling team comes calling. And hopefully Justin Tucker is OK. 49ers 0, BYE WEEK 0
Last week’s record: 7-2
Season: 49-9