Interesting trivia fact. Major League Baseball just completed the regular season, and not one manager was fired. But, it was announced a few days ahead of time that Brad Ausmus and Pete Mackanin were not coming back to manage the Tigers and Phillies in 2018. Terry Collins resigned as soon as the season ended. But for no one to be fired during the 6-month season? That’s pretty remarkable. Then you look at SEC football, where several coaches might be hitting the golf course with their 8-figure buyout checks in their pocket before the 13-week season is out. It’s amazing what wealthy, 1,000-year-old men do with themselves when they’re bored. Just tell the alma mater to fire the football or basketball coach, or I’m going to our rival and dump cash in front of their student union building. Nice work if you can get it. Of particular interest now is Butch Jones, whose team has eked out a win over winless UMass and been shut out at home by Georgia in the last 2 weeks. Should he survive the bye week this week, his Vols get the wildly inconsistent Fightin’ Chickens next week. And while Coach O has already proven he’s not up to the task at LSU, is the school willing to eat $12 million and fire him and the AD and start all over? Never a dull moment.

‘Bama at Texas A&M – The noose around Kevin Sumlin’s noose is really getting tight. This game will not help any. How will the millionaire boosters with nothing to do react after a ‘Bama beat-down? The Evil Empire 44, A&M 7

Missouri at Kentucky – Kentucky is playing a league game where their starters won’t need to play the 4th quarter. Did you EVER think you would see that in print? Briars 48, Mizzou 10

Florida at LSU (Changed to LSU at Florida) – The final re-arranged puzzle piece to last year’s hurricanes puts coach O on a bed of coal. Lizards 37, tiger cubs 10

Ar-Kansas at South Carolina – Even when the Hogs lose, they put up good offensive numbers. Too much for the SC defense. Pigs 34, Fightin’ Chickens 17

Georgia at Vanderbilt – I told you. This team of Commodores couldn’t beat a real football team any more than Lionel Ritchie-led Commodores could. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 45, Vandy 3

Misipi at Auburn – Do you suppose the Rebel Bears learned anything from the demolition from ‘Bama? I did. They are a terrible team. WAR EAGLE 37, Misipi 16

BONUS: Marshall at Charlotte – Last year, one of the 49ers shockers on their way to a 4-6 start and talk of a bowl berth was a win over the Thundering Herd. Unfortunately, we don’t have a herd big enough this year. Herd 37, 49ers 16

Last week’s record: 7-2

Season: 48-9