No cute takes coming to mind, so let’s just pick the games.
Louisiana at ‘Bama – Some of these directional schools in bayou country have changed their names in recent years. I have no idea which one is which. Not like it matters against the team that could probably beat a couple of NFL teams. The Evil Empire 56, Which Louisiana School Is it Anyway 0
Ar-Kansas vs Texas A&M (Dallas) – The Hogs have a lot of fight in them, but not a lot of talented players. Their offense should get some traction against a terrible defense. But they don’t have enough to keep up with the A&M offense. Aggies 41, Pigs 27
South Carolina at Kentucky – SC bounced back big-time against Vandy. UK is actually ranked for the first time since… Jerry Clower was playing for Misipi State? They have a mighty tough defense. This probably goes to the final minute. Hard to believe I’m writing this in this manner but, Upset Special. Fightin’ Chickens 20, Briers 17
Tennessee State at Vanderbilt – A chance to regroup before being led like a pig to the slaughter between the hedges next week. Vandy 37, TSU 3
Misipi at LSU – Misipi is better at offense, LSU better at defense. I’ll go with the home squad to prevail in that battle. LSU 23, Misipi 13
Florida at Misipi State – Will be interesting to see how the crowd handles Mullen in blue & orange. Even more interesting is how MSU handles UF after getting whipped in the brier patch. Mullen will use his knowledge to solve the MSU defense. The MSU defense will resume its high-octane status. Track meet alert. Jerry Clower U 38, Lizards 34
Tennessee at Georgia – Once again, the old Crimson Elephant coach gets a glimpse of how far he has to go to be relevant. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 44, Rocky Bottom 10
Southern Mississippi at Auburn – Coming off the most low-key 31-point win of all time, there will probably be some early sleep-walking as the young kids will probably be looking ahead to Misipi State. They’ll wake up eventually and pull away. WAR EAGLE 33, Brett Favre U 17
Charlotte at UAB – Perhaps I overacted in my prediction of the UMass game. I’m certainly not going to call for the coach to be fired when the players give up 28 points in 31 seconds. But now comes a trip to Birmingham to face the only team we beat last year. I’m sure they will be highly motivated. UAB 38, 49ers 13
Last week’s record: 6-3
Season: 42-7