Misipi at ‘Bama – The only 2 regular season losses ‘Bama has had the past 3 years are to these guys….. Nah. The Evil Empire 44, Misipi 13

New Mexico St at Ar-Kansas – A breather for the trouble Hogs to get well. Pigs 34, Other Aggies 0

Vanderbilt at Florida – Well, I hope they learned a thing or 3 from the whuppin’ ‘Bama put on them, But for some reason I doubt it. Lizards 31, Vandy 7

Eastern Michigan at Kentucky – Two schools that have had the privilege of torching the Charlotte 49ers. Briars 38, EMU 13

Troy at LSU – Should get back on track. LSU 21, Troy 6

Georgia at Tennessee – UGA looks to have the best team in the East again. Tennessee is close to falling off a cliff. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 27, Rocky Bottom 10

South Carolina at Texas A&M – Not too sure about either team. I think the Louisiana Tech game might be the exception rather than the rule. Fightin’ Chickens 19, A&M 16

Misipi St at Auburn – I think their big win over LSU just shows that LSU is down. Only Georgia has a defense this mean. WAR EAGLE 33, Jerry Clower U 23

BONUS: After losing at home to an FCS team and getting shut out at home by possibly the worst FBS team, the path is wide open to 0-12. Charlotte at Florida International – FIU 37, 49ers 10

Last week’s record: 9-0
Season: 41-7