No bloviating this week. Straight to the picks.

Kent State at ‘Bama – Good grief. The Evil Empire 63, Flashes 0

South Carolina at Kentucky – SC has inconsistencies on offense, especially at QB. Kentucky has no defense, but a high-scoring offense. I’m guessing the UK defense will be the least-exposed. Briars 49, Fightin’ Chickens 30

Georgia at Misipi – UGA completely loses interest for big chunks of games. They can get away with that this week, as Misipi plays no defense in the second half. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 34, Frozen Rebels 31

Misipi St at UMass – Is Misipi St getting a big check for this? Jerry Clower U 59, UMass 17

Delaware State at Missouri – So Missouri has some fight in them. Won’t need it this week. Mizzou 40, Blue birds 7

Florida at Tennessee – This could be epic, if only we knew which UT team was going to show up. Lizards 27, Vols 21

Ar-Kansas vs. Texas A&M (Arlington) – This one IS going to be epic. A&M 31, Pigs 30

Vanderbilt at Western Kentucky – Vandy is still terrible. And are they getting a big check for this? Vandy 23, WKU 21

LSU at Auburn – Both of these teams have major offensive issues. Both need to pick one QB and stick with him, even if they get shut out for an entire game. Auburn hasn’t won a home SEC game in 2 years. I think the difference in this game will be the coaching. LSU 17, war eagle 13

Charlotte at Temple – Last week was another example of how long and hard the road is for a brand-new football program. Temple is not as good as they have been, but they’re a lot further down the road than we are. Owls 40, 49ers 14

Last week’s record: 8-3
Season: 25-10