Conference play heats up with 10 teams playing league opponents, 3 hosting paycheck games, and one (Misipi) teaming up with a group of archaeologists in search of the school’s football team, which appears to have vanished like the temple of gold in “Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” My school also is in search of answers after losing to the most improbable opponent in its short history. Meanwhile, at the top of the league, the school outside Birmingham AL is still evil.

‘Bama at Vanderbilt – Vandy ran spread offenses to big wins in weeks 1-2, then returned to form last week, even though they won. This is 4 steps up in weight class. They aren’t even close to being ready. The Evil Empire 34, Vandy 13

Ar-Kansas vs. Texas A&M (Arlington) – An alumnus with deep pockets says Sumlin must win 10 games to keep his job. Highly doubtful that will happen, but he’s never lost to the Hogs. Not after this year either. A&M 27, Pigs 19

Misipi St at Georgia – Clower’s Cowbell Crew seemed to be in good shape last week. They start fast. UGA starts slowly. So don’t let that big early lead MSU will get fool you. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 38, Jerry Clower U 27

Florida at Kentucky – Is Kentucky for real or is SC just not as good as we thought? The UK defense against an improved Gator offense should be interesting to watch. Lizards 27, Briars 17

Syracuse at LSU – Another chance for an ACC team to get its head handed to it by an SEC team. LSU is an also-ran but every ACC team but Clempson would be an also-ran in the SEC. Bayou Tigers 37, ‘Cuse 14

Louisiana Tech at South Carolina – This should heal the wounds at least a little bit. Fightin’ Chickens 33, LTU 16

UMass at Tennessee – Now THIS is the opponent you need after such a heartbreaking loss. Rocky Bottom 41, UMass 10

Auburn at Missouri – If this isn’t the game this offense drops a half a hundred on somebody, it will never do so. It will also ensure a losing SEC season and a bowl in some wasteland like Shreveport or Boise. WAR EAGLE 51, Mizzou 13

BONUS: Georgia St at Charlotte – Georgia State is awful. My Niners are worse. Losing to a team that’s not only an FCS team, but a bad FCS team, means you rushed to the FBS too early. GSU 31, 49ers 12

Last week’s record: 6-5
Season: 32-7